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Whose publication is it anyway?

, Bender Library Training and Events Room 150

Updated 11/26/13

As the world becomes increasingly digital, ownership of scholarly works is a major issue in higher education. The debate between individuals, publishers, and institutions over ownership is both high-stakes and complex. Speaker Geneva Henry draws on her previous experience to shed some light on this issue.

Ms. Henry is the University Librarian and Vice Provost for Libraries at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Prior to assuming this position on July 1, 2013, she was the Executive Director of Digital Scholarship Services at Rice University's Fondren Library. Before joining Rice, Ms. Henry was a Senior I/T Architect and Program Manager with IBM, where she was involved with several complex systems programs for government agencies, universities, and museums worldwide. Her earlier career involved applied research in artificial intelligence at TRW and the Rand Corporation.

The American University Library's Colloquium on Scholarly Communications features experts from both American University and the larger academic community presenting issues related to the evolution of scholarly communication in the twenty-first century. The Colloquium encompass a variety of topics that present challenges and opportunities to scholars and scholarly institutions, including open access publishing, models of cultural preservation in a digital-first age, and methods for assuring quality and impact in a changing publishing landscape. Small-group presentations allow faculty and administrators from all disciplines and levels to engage with speakers regarding these key issues shaping the University's future. Faculty, administrators, and graduate students interested in the topic of scholarly communication are invited to attend.
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