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Collection Development

The Collection Development program supports the library mission to build quality collections that serve university goals for learning, teaching and research.


Collection Managers:

Rachel Borchardt (202) 885-3657 Audio Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology
Derrick Jefferson
(202) 885-3787 Journalism, Public Communication, Film & Media Arts, Media Studies
Clement Ho (202) 885-3843 History, International Development, International Relations, Jewish Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies
Olivia Ivey
(202) 885-3236 Government, Justice, Public Administration
Michael Matos (202) 885-3245 Accounting and Taxation, Economics, Finance and Real Estate, Information Technology Management, International Business, Management, Marketing
Martin Shapiro (202) 885-3854 American Studies, Anthropology, Art History and Studio Art, Education, Health and Fitness, Language and Foreign Studies, Literature, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religion


Additional Contacts:

Alex Hodges (202) 885-3845 Curriculum Materials Center
Chris Lewis (202) 885-3257 Media Services
Nobue Matsuoka-Motley (202) 885-3465 Music Library
Susan McElrath (202) 885-3255 Special Collections
Stefan Kramer
(202) 885-3226 Data Services