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In addition to our academic event series and annual events, AU Library sponsors and co-sponsors occasional events on relevant historical, cultural, or literary themes.

2017 Events

The Meaning of Michael Jackson's Thriller 
Wednesday, October 25, 12-1pm
Bender Library, Training and Events Room 150

Originally released 35 years ago, on November 30th, 1982, Michael Jackson’s Thriller became the best-selling album of all time. In this talk, Dr. Tristan Cabello, director of American Studies, will offer a cultural reading of Thriller’s music, dance and videos. More than just a commercial success, Thriller embodied major artistic and cultural shifts in American pop music, still relevant today. From the birth of the music video as an art form, to the participation of ballroom-trained black queer choreographers, to the negotiation of the digital turn in the recording industry, come learn about the many ways Thriller revolutionized American pop music.

Past Events

See videos of readouts from AU Library on our YouTube channel.

Beyond Homophobia: Diversity & Inclusion in Queer Communities Boyz N the Hood
“You Must Learn”: The Legacy of Hip Hop Scholarship 
Decision 2016: What's on Your Ballot? 
Legal Themes in Literature Book Talk with Bill Causey, SPA '71 
How Many More? American University Students React to Kent State Banned Books Week 2014 
Symposium on Language & Endangered Alphabets 
Language Matters: Change, Choice, and Consequences 
Endangered Alphabets

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