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In addition to our academic event series and annual events, AU Library sponsors and co-sponsors occasional events on relevant historical, cultural, or literary themes.

2016-2017 Events

Beyond Homophobia: Diversity & Inclusion in Queer Communities
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
5:30-7:00 p.m.
Battelle- Tompkins Building, Atrium

Co-sponsored by the Library and the Critical Race, Gender and Culture Studies Collaborative, this program will look at ways our inter-sectional identities often exclude us from broader LGBT discussions on equality, discrimination, and rights. Join American Studies Director Tristan Cabello for an open discussion with anthropologist Nikki Lane, DC activist Kenyon Farrow, and AU Library Communication Librarian Derrick Jefferson.

Tristan Cabello, Director, American Studies
Nikki Lane, Cultural and Linguistic Anthropologist
Derrick Jefferson, Communication Librarian, AU Library
Kenyon Farrow, Writer and Activist


Past Events

See videos of readouts from AU Library on our YouTube channel.

Boyz N the Hood
Presented by Derrick Jefferson, Communication Librarian 

Derrick Jefferson, Communication Librarian, led a lively discussion about Boyz N the Hood. This film, now featured on the Library of Congress National Film Registry, is an innovative look at the life and the tough choices present for kids growing up in South Central Los Angeles. 

Decision 2016: What's on Your Ballot?
Presented by Kathryn Ray, Reference Librarian and Past President of the League of Women Voters of D.C.

You know Donald, Gary, Hillary & Jill but who else is on your November 8th ballot? Who wants to represent you on your city council? What are the ramifications of the referendum? What is an ANC? Who is running for Congress from your district? Come for a demo and discussion of neutral websites that cut through the media blitz and focus on YOUR races. “Find More” about all of the decisions you are asked to make in November.

“You Must Learn”: The Legacy of Hip Hop Scholarship

Universities all over the country are acknowledging the cultural force, the high art, and the source of knowledge that Hip Hop is and has been. Through their Hip Hop archives and libraries; books, journals, and documentaries; courses and curricula; and innumerable homages to Hip Hop’s legacy, universities across the U.S. are heralding Hip Hop’s arrival in the academy. Through a joint effort between the College Writing Program’s “‘Boom Poetic’: Hip Hop Scholarship” class and American University Library, Mazi Mutafa, Executive Director of Words, Beats, Life, discussed the state of Hip Hop scholarship, leaders in the Hip Hop scholarship community, and seminal books in the field, as well as important events and initiatives in Hip Hop scholarship and community service.  

Legal Themes in Literature Book Talk with Bill Causey, SPA '71

Library Council member Bill Causey joined us for a discussion about Bleak House by Charles Dickens. Causey discussed why law was an important subject for the author, and why the characters and themes in Bleak House are relevant to today's legal system. Bill Causey is an Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia, and an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law teaching Evidence, and a seminar on Federal Investigations and Prosecutions. Learn more about the William F. Causey Collection at American University here

How Many More? American University Students React to Kent State 

American University Archives Staff screened newly discovered footage shot by AU students of the protests on campus and in DC in response to the violence at Kent State in May of 1970. Highlights included: students stopping and leafleting cars around Ward Circle, students interacting with and being arrested by the D.C. police, the chaos that ensued after the D.C. police used tear gas, and a rally and concert in the Woods-Brown Amphitheater. In addition to the events on campus, there are scenes of the national protests that took place on the National Mall.

Banned Books Week 2014 

This annual national event promotes the freedom to access materials expressing different viewpoints, even when those viewpoints are unpopular or difficult. To celebrate, we highlighted works that have been challenged (attempted removal or restriction) or banned (removal or restriction) from curricula or libraries. Much more information about Banned Books Week, including lists of banned titles, is available from the American Library Association (ALA).

Symposium on Language & Endangered Alphabets

Language Matters: Change, Choice, and Consequences

Presented by Naiomi Susan Baron and Chip Gerfen
Presented by Tim Brookes

Endangered Alphabets

Event Co-sponsors: American University Library; University Honors ProgramAmerican University World Languages & CulturesCenter for Teaching, Research, and Learning; and the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center.

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