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Media Forms:


Faculty Services

Borrowing video materials from other WRLC libraries:

All DVDs and other media located in the WRLC libraries are listed in the catalog like books. AU faculty, staff and students may request these through an ordinary CLS request. However, some media titles may not be available through CLS request because of cost, high use, or rarity. If your CLS request is rejected, we may still be able to borrow the item through the mediashare program, depending on licensing agreements. Request these materials at the Media Services Desk. Please allow two weeks notice. (x3251)

Class Presentations by Students:

American University students may take Media Services materials out of the Library for the purpose of class presentations, if their professor authorizes the use of his/her library account for this purpose. Materials must be checked out within one hour before the class period and are due back within one hour after the class period. This policy differs from the proxy in that it authorizes the use of the faculty's account for one time only rather than an entire semester. A faculty member may also authorize more than one student. The faculty member remains responsible for all materials charged to his/her account, including fines accrued and replacement costs, in the case of loss or damage.

Faculty may authorize the use of their library account one of three ways:

  1. By signing a Student Check Out Authorization Form.
  2. By giving the student his/her faculty ID and a signed note.
  3. By phoning the Media Services desk the day the material will be checked out and speaking with a media supervisor. (x3250)

Clip Compilations, Duplications:

Media Services will make compilation DVDs for faculty in class use. Clips can be taken from materials in the Media Services collection. A Clip Compilation Form must be filled out and signed. Clip collections remain the property of Media Services, but can be checked out for extended periods. (x3208)

Learn about making DVD "clips" yourself with DVD bookmarking.

Curriculum Design / Reference:

The Media Librarian is available to assist faculty in the identification and location of vidual media and can suggest suitable media titles for particular subject needs. (x3257)

Faculty Check-out:

Materials may be checked out on a three day loan for classroom use. Calling ahead to reserve materials is recommended (x3250). Fines for overdue materials are $1.20 per day, $25 maximum. Equipment needed for classroom playback may be borrowed from Audio-Visual Services. (x2296)

Media Classrooms:

Media Services has three rooms which can be reserved by American University faculty for classes using media materials. A classroom seating 35 people may be booked if the faculty member is going to be present. Group viewing rooms may be booked for smaller classes. The capacity for each smaller room is 15. To assure equal access, limitations may be set on the number of sessions booked per course. (x3251)

Media Reserves:

Personal audiovisual materials may be placed on reserve at the Media Services Desk. Materials should be brought in at least 24 hours prior to their intended use, and the following information should be provided: faculty name, department, and program title. We prefer that materials are shelf ready, in a case and clearly labelled, so there is no delay in processing them for student use. A Media Reserves Materials Deposit Form releasing American University from copyright liability for the content must be signed by the faculty member for materials left on reserve. (x3251)

Media Scheduling:

Faculty are strongly encouraged to reserve their media needs ahead of time. This ensures that titles are available on the day the faculty member plans on using them. If a title is not reserved ahead, there is a chance that another AU faculty member may be using it at the same time. There are two types of reservations available.

A regular media reservation ensures a title is available for the date of use. It may be made by a professor or proxy one of the following ways:

  1. By requesting a reservation in person at the Media Services desk.
  2. By phoning the Media Services desk at (202) 885-3250.
  3. By filling out a Media Rental/Borrowing Request Form.

An EasyPass reservation allows faculty to streamline their circulation transaction. When they come to pick up their reservations, the titles have been pre-charged to them.

  1. EasyPass reservations are only for the standard three day loan period.
  2. The faculty member must pick-up the material or the proxy must be indicated on the form.
  3. On the pick-up day, the material is unavailable for students to watch in Media Services.

New Additions:

Media Services keeps a running list of new additions on our blog. At the top of the blog you can subscribe to receive new media acquisitions updates by email. 

Keep in mind, the catalog ( contains the most complete catalog of our holdings.

Off-air Taping:

Programs may be taped off the air and used in class or placed on reserve for a two week period following the taping date. Faculty may preview the material up to 45 days following the taping date, after which the library is obligated to erase the recording. Commercial copies of programs will be sought if faculty members expect there will be an ongoing need for a program. (x3208)

Proxy Use in Media Services:

The Faculty Proxy Card entitles a research assistant to use a faculty member's account, enabling faculty to allow their assistants to pick up materials and conduct research in their name at the library. The proxy card shouldn't be used to checkout videos for a student's use. Fraudulent use of the card will result in removal of proxy status for the assigned student. Faculty members are responsible for any fines and/or replacement costs incurred when a proxy card is used. Proxies are re-assigned after one or two semesters. (x3250)

Purchase Requests:

Suggestions for video purchases should be submitted to the Media Librarian. A preview is generally arranged before a purchase decision is made. Selection criteria include appropriateness, program quality, anticipated use, and cost. For expensive items, a preview is usually arranged. (x3257)

Restricting Media From Outside Use:

AU faculty can insure that a class-assigned video is in the Library when your students need it. The Restrict From Outside Use Form prevents others from taking the film out overnight. This is useful when an entire class must watch a film in a short amount of time.

Films may be restricted for up to two weeks. If a film is restricted, other AU faculty can take it out of the Library to their class. The film must be taken out immediately before the class period and returned immediately after the class. Restricted films are not loaned to faculty at the other WRLC schools.

Streaming Video From the Library Catalog:

Some thirty thousand videos in the library catalog are available as online streaming files for instant access. Some of these are restricted to AU ID holders and some are open access. To have a link placed on your Blackboard course, fill out the "Media" request via the "Add Reserve Item" button in the Course Reserves module of Blackboard. (x3251)

Streaming Video Clips Through Blackboard:

Media Services offers faculty the option of delivering DVD clips in Blackboard via streaming video. Clips from DVDs can be digitized, placed onto a secure online server and linked to the professor's Blackboard page. Streaming video can be accessed by authorized Blackboard users from any computer with high-speed internet capabilities, thus providing students with 24-hour access to reserve video materials.

Streaming is done under TEACH Act guidelines. More information is available here. (x3251)

Video Rental:

Some films and videos not owned by the library can be rented for classroom use. The rental service includes locating, booking, mailing, and fee payment. A minimum of four weeks notice is requested. (x3251)

Videos by Subject:

To aid in the selection of video's for your class and research needs, we've created a larg number of filmographies on many subject areas. If you'd like to suggest a new filmography or ask that an existing one be updated, please contact Chris Lewis. (x3257)

We are interested in your feedback:

Submit comments/feedback to the Media Services Manager.