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Media Services - Finding Aids

Media Search

Video (VHS, DVD, etc...)
Sound Recordings (CD, LP, etc...)


Searching for Videos and Sound Recordings:

All Media Services items are cataloged in the library online catalog. You can search the standard catalog interface. Using the standard catalog interface or using Summon, searches the holdings of all nine WRLC libraries.

Media Search Interface:

We have created the search interface located at the top of this page and on the Media Services homepage to restrict your search to AU visual media items only.

The Media Search feature gives you quick access to the collections in Media Services and the Music Library. Instead of searching the entire catalog, your search will automatically be restricted to these locations. After you do an initial search you will be taken to the regular catalog search screen. Limits will be in effect, so you can continue to search just Media Services holdings. If you then want to search the entire consortium, just click "clear limits".

The Radio Buttons:

Video (VHS, DVD, etc...), Sound Recordings (CD, LP, etc...) allow you to choose the format you are interested in. Use Video for Media Services items; use Sound Recordings for Music Library items.

Limit Your Catalog Search to Videos:

You can restrict your catalog search to just media items by searching:

  • keyword= "your search terms" AND "videorecording"

All media items (DVDs, VHS, Blu-ray, HD-DVD) are cataloged as "videorecording".

Limit Your Catalog Search to AU Media Services Only:

You can restrict your search to AU Media Services items by searching:

  • keyword= "your search terms" AND "eaun"

*eaun is the catalog codes for AU Media Services.

Tips for Title Searching:

  • Omit inital articles (A, The, Le, L').
    correct - Godfather, incorrect - The Godfather
    correct - Atalante, incorrect - L'Atalante
  • Foreign films can be searched by the original title or by the English translation.
    -either Fresa y chocolate or Strawberry and chocolate
    Foreign film titles are commonly translated several different ways, or may be released in different countries under different titles. If in doubt, use the original title.
    -either Ladri de biciclette or Bicycle thieves or Bicycle thief, not The Bicycle thief
  • At least the first few words of the title must be spelled out correctly. Search terms may be truncated. Searches must be exact. The catalog makes no provisions for a "close" search. You must spell titles correctly.

Useful Keywords When Searching for Videos:

  • "videorecording": restricts to VHS, DVDs, laserdiscs, 16 mm film, etc.
  • "dvd": restricts to DVDs (standard, Blu-Ray, HD) only
  • "eaun": restricts to AU Library, Media Services
  • "streaming video": restricts to videos viewable online
  • "home use": restricts to Home Use Collection items
  • "feature films": restricts to theatrical release "movies"
  • "in Spanish with English subtitles": restricts to Spanish language videos
Searching by Author

This searches the catalog field - Other Authors/Contributors. In the case of media, it will bring up directors, actors and notable individuals added to this field. However, it will not bring up entries from the Performers field.

Author searching does not limit the search specifically to media. If you did the Author search - "Scorsese, Martin" you would get the films he directed, the films he acted in, but also the book, Scorsese on Scorsese.

For these reasons it is better to search for people using a keyword search.


Films/Videos by Subject:

Media Services maintains an extensive series of subject filmographies. These are lists of resources available in Media Services grouped by topic. It is a good place to start if you want to browse our holdings in a given subject area. These lists are updated manually on a periodic basis and do not necessarily represent the complete listings of titles in the given subject area. The most current information is located in the local catalog. All Media Services resources are in the catalog.

Click to access Media Services filmographies.

Home Use Titles:

Approximately 6,000 of the feature films in the collection have been cataloged for home use and may be circulated to AU students and staff on a three day loan. A current list of Home Use titles can be found by searching in the search interface above for keyword = "home use collection".

For the newest Home Use, take a look at our Pinterest site.

New Acquisitions:

Media Services maintains a list of selected recent acquisitions here.

Television News Archive:

An extensive archive of television news broadcasts. CNN broadcasts from 1995 are available free. ABC, NBC, CBS broadcasts from 1968 and FoxNews broadcasts from 2004 are available through video loan, for which Vanderbilt University charges a fee to recover costs. Click here.