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  • Partner Collections

    Building Partnerships with Technical Services

    Bender Library currently supports four partner collections across campus, which are all housed and maintained by their respective departments, but incorporated into the library’s catalog so that their materials are easy for AU users to find and access.
    June 2, 2015

  • Alayne Mundt

    Librarian Profile: Alayne Mundt

    Dedicated to making information more accessible, Resource Description Librarian Alayne Mundt works through the codes and standards needed to make the Library catalog useful and useable.
    May 21, 2015

  • Staff Profile: Dawn Fairbanks

    Secret Lives: Dawn Fairbanks

    The seventh article in a series of profiles offering a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at our Library personnel. Meet Processing and Serials Specialist Dawn Fairbanks and learn about her secret life as an opera singer.
    May 12, 2015

  • Composting 101

    Composting 101: Help AU Get Greener with this Primer on Composting

    Since the program’s inception in 2012, the Library has played a pivotal role in expanding the organic waste collection program across campus. Join the effort to reduce waste on campus by taking a look at our primer on composting.
    April 22, 2015

  • VHS Preservation

    Spotlight on VHS Collection Preservation in the AU Library

    Experts estimate that the VHS format will be essentially inaccessible by 2025. Luckily, the AU Library’s Media Services is working to digitize VHS titles in our collection that are at highest risk of being lost in the near future.
    April 22, 2015

  • Edible Garden

    Concrete Greens: Urban Agriculture and Food Security

    American University’s emphasis on green practices echoes the continued national interest in urban gardening, and the University offers many ways to become involved on campus.
    April 17, 2015