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Getting Published in Political Science

AU Professors Leighley, O’Connor, Wapner, and Brenner (Clockwise from the top left)

AU Professors Leighley, O’Connor, Wapner, and Brenner (Clockwise from the top left)

On Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 3 to 5pm, Getting Published in Political Science was held in the Abramson Family Founders Room, School of International Service. The event was hosted by the American University Library and presented by Deans James Goldgeier and William LeoGrande.




How to get your global and local political work published

Does victimization affect political identities? How do Iranian women navigate the country’s sexual politics? In what ways does nuclear power affect the dynamic between European nations? And why do political candidates infuse religious perspectives in their campaign ads?

That kind of research is published on a regular basis by political science journals such as The Journal of Politics; Journal of Women, Politics & Policy; Politics & Society; and Global Environmental Politics. These journals focus on political themes that impact us all locally and globally, from the city council meetings held in our Washington, D.C., neighborhoods to international stakes involving President Obama and other world leaders.

AU faculty members and panelists Jan Leighley, SPA, who is current co-editor of The Journal of Politics and specializes in American political behavior, voter turnout and racial/ethnic political behavior; Karen O’Connor, SPA, who is the Jonathan N. Helfat Distinguished Professor of Political Science and the founder and director emerita of the Women & Politics Institute at AU, the former editor of Women and Politics (now named the Journal of Women, Politics & Policy) and specializes in women and the law, women and politics and American politics; Phil Brenner, SIS, who is founding editorial board member of Politics and Society and specializes in the relationship between the United States and Cuba; and Paul Wapner, who is the associate editor and co-founder of the journal Global Environmental Politics and specializes in environmental thought, activism and ethics were on hand to share their experiences.