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We're Renovating!

The Bender Library will undergo renovations this summer to create a better student/faculty experience for learning, study, and productivity. We know a better Bender is important to you. The Primary Goals of the renovation are to create more student space at the front of the building, streamline service points to make them easier to locate, and create a better environment for the way modern students and faculty work.

What to Expect

The Library will remain open for normal summer hours. All materials will remain available, but paging may be in effect. Not all areas of the Library will be open to the public all the time, and changes in traffic patterns will be required. The 2nd floor will be mostly unaffected by the construction - feel free to study up there! Want to see the renovation process? Check out our facebook album of the work being done!


The Library is planning to once again be operating at full capacity by 8/27/17 with all renovations complete and all services running on normal operating hours.

Space Transition (Hover to see renovated plans)