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Event Support

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Audio Visual Event Support

Audio visual can support University sponsored events in spaces throughout the campus. We can provide sound re-enforcement (microphones and PA systems), video projection, and Audio and Video recording in most indoor spaces. We can also provide outdoor PA systems in certain areas.

Event Scheduling

To schedule an event space you must first contact University Event Scheduling (UES) to schedule a space. You may request Audio Visual equipment when you reserve your room. However, you also need to contact Audio Visual directly to ensure that you get the equipment you need for your event.

Film Viewing Events

If you would like to show a film in any campus space you need to submit a film viewing request form to UES and have it approved before Audio Visual will provide you with service. U.S. copyright law restricts the public viewing of copyrighted work. More information?

Sound Reinforcement (microphones)

Audio Visual provides microphones and PA systems for events in the following spaces:

Mary Graydon Center University Club spaces (rooms 2 – 5), Butler Boardroom, SIS Founder’s Room, McDowell Formal Lounge, Hughes Formal Lounge, Letts Formal Lounge, Ward 1, Ward 2, KSB Student Lounge, Bender Library Mudbox, Bender Library GRC, Battelle Atrium, Kay Chapel, and Bender Arena.
If your request requires more than 4 microphones, please contact the Audio Visual Department directly to discuss your options, either via e-mail ( or phone X2296.
If your event requires a technician on site for the duration of the event, either because of importance, or due to complex technology, please contact Audio Visual at least two weeks in advance so we may schedule a technician for you.

Audio & Video Recording

Audio Visual can provide audio recording for your event in digital MP3 format. When making a request for audio recording please specify an e-mail address were we can send a download link for your audio file or if you would like your audio files onto a CD-R disc that you can pick-up from our office (Anderson B-43). For video recording, we can provide you with a Hard Drive video camera that we can deliver and set-up. We can provide you with a DVD-R of your recording that can be picked up from our office. Audio Visual does not provide technicians to run the camera for your event. If you require a videographer for your event or editing and post-production for the final video, Academic Multimedia Services (AMS) may be able to help. Please contact AMS directly for more details.
Note: You must secure all the participants' permission before you record your event.

Outdoor Events

Audio Visual provides PA systems for outdoor events. All outdoor sound requests must be approved by the University Center before your request can be honored. The University has strict limits on noise levels and duration of outdoor sound. In addition, arrangements must be made with University Facilities (X 2FIX) to provide power for any equipment. AV does not provide battery-powered equipment.

Hosted External Events

When offices, departments, and recognized student organizations host external (non-AU) organizations (regardless of profit, non-profit, or faculty/staff association with academic societies) for an event, Audio Visual rental fees apply. UES will make a determination as to whether your event meets the criteria to be regarded as a hosted external event. If it is determined that rental fees apply, please contact our office directly. See Quicklinks above for a list of rental fees for services and equipment.