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General AV Policies

The policies outlined below cover most of our general service areas. Individual policies related to special services are addressed in the sections devoted to those services.

  • Weekday Requests: Please make your request for Audio Visual services at least 24 hours in advance of your class or event and 48 hours in advance for the Spring Valley Building. It is best practice to schedule assistance or equipment as soon as you can. Equipment and technical support are available on a first come, first served basis. We may not be able to accommodate your needs without proper notice.
  • Weekend Requests: Please make your request for weekend service no later than Thursday at 5 PM. Weekend AV service is only available as needed, so appropriate staff are only scheduled during the times when we have requests. We do not have any staff on campus to assist unless an order has been placed for that time. AV may not be able to accommodate any requests that come in after Thursday or during the weekend itself.
  • For Large Events, please make your request at least a week in advance in order to consult about available equipment and services and allow AV to schedule appropriate staff support.
  • Please contact Audio Visual for all of your AV needs on main campus and the Spring Valley Building, even where the equipment is built-in. This allows us to arrange appropriate levels of staffing in order to support users, test and repair equipment in advance of your class, and make sure that any mobile equipment assigned to the space has not been removed.
  • Requests for Outdoor Sound Reinforcement MUST be accompanied by University Center sound approval. Requestors are also responsible for arranging power for any outdoor equipment use through Facilities.
  • Audio Visual DOES NOT provide video converters or adapters for Mac laptops or portable devices such as tablets. The University Library Technology Services Desk has some types of adapters available for loan, however, it is recommended that you purchase the appropriate VGA adapter or converter for your device. AV is happy to consult with you on your needs.
  • Audio Visual DOES NOT loan laptops or tablets. The University Technology Services Desk may be able to help.
  • Please call the OIT Helpdesk (202-885-2250) for all issues related to internet access, networking, software installation or computer hardware issues. AV staff may be able to assist in emergency situations, but may not be able to resolve these types of issues.