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Special Audio Visual Services

Consultation Services

Audio Visual technicians can provide a variety of consultation services including:

  • General Consultation including all of our audio visual services, training opportunities, best practices, and recommended solutions
  • Event Consultation to assure that you are fully aware of the services offered and the best options to make your event a success
  • AV Systems Design & Installation: If your department wishes to update or add AV to an existing space under your control, we may be able to to help in the following areas:
    • Meet with you to identify your use case scenarios, wish list and budget for your space;
    • Recommend certain equipment for your space based on our institutional knowledge;
    • Arrange quotes to be made by our preferred AV integrators, with whom we have previously contracted, for equipment and installation;
    • Inform you of what other cost factors and coordination issues (electrical work, OIT, etc) may be involved so that you can resolve them.
    • If the project goes forward, we will test the installed equipment to make sure everything works properly, assisting in troubleshooting and assessing any performance issues where possible. We will also assist in training your staff to use the equipment.
    • PLEASE NOTE: AV will not provide budget assistance for these projects and cannot be responsible for future routine maintenance (bulbs, filters, cables, etc.), repair, or upgrade of the systems. We will not be involved in the budget or payment process; your office will have to work directly with Purchasing to arrange the work and equipment payment.


Audio Visual offers standard IP hardware-based (H.323) videoconferencing services in a limited number of locations. AV maintains a dedicated videoconferencing/video studio space in Anderson LL-4 (Lower Level) that can accommodate up to 20 participants. Videoconferencing units are also installed in SIS Founders Room, SIS 120, Kogod School of Business 233, and Library B-60. PLEASE NOTE that AV REQUIRES AT LEAST TWO WEEKS NOTICE for this service in order to schedule testing and personnel. We will also need to have the contact information for the party you are trying to reach at the time of this reservation. Currently, we are only able to offer point-to-point videoconferencing – multipoint videoconferencing and bridging services are not available. 

For telephones and teleconferencing, please contact the Telecom department at x.1111 or 202-351-8810.

Live Video Streaming

The Audio Visual Department, using the online service, Ustream, may be able to provide live video streaming for your event. This is an internet-accessible video feed that remote users can watch and listen to, either on the Ustream site or as an embedded video within a webpage. AV will provide the link for embedding the streaming video, but is not responsible for embedding the video.

Please make your request for a Ustream session at least one week in advance of your event. Live streaming may not be available in all locations and the Audio Visual Department may not be able to provide streaming services with short lead time or if insufficient staff are available.

Please Note: Parties may currently stream without closed captioning, but it is strongly not recommended by the University. It is technically unlawful, could expose the university to serious risk, and will be perceived as proceeding in a manner that is contrary to the inclusion ideals of American University. AV recommends using Home Team Captions.


Analog to Digital Media Conversion

Audio Visual can convert VHS videotapes directly to DVD. The original material must be non-copyrighted or material for which you are the copyright owner. You must provide your own blank DVD-R disks.

AV can also convert analog audio cassettes into digital format (MP3 or Audio CD). The same copyright rules apply and you must supply your own blank CDs or other storage medium.

Audio Visual cannot convert micro-cassettes, VHS-C, 8 mm Video or professional digital tape. If you have another format, please inquire with AV as to whether we are able to convert it to digital form.

Audio Visual does not provide editing as part of these services. Turnaround time will vary depending upon the size of the project and the availability of conversion software, personnel, and equipment.

CD/DVD Copying

Audio Visual can convert non-copyrighted CDs or DVDs. You must provide the blank CD-R or DVD-R disks. Turnaround time will vary depending upon the size of the project and the availability of conversion software, personnel, and equipment.