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AV Equipment Outages and Alerts

VHS camcorders

VHS camcorders are no longer available for video recording. We have several types of digital video cameras available depending on customer requirements. The digital replacement we have chosen is the hard drive digital video cameras which do not require additional media and can record up to several hours. You will need to let us know when you request this type of camera what final video product you will require: DVD, Windows media file, or Mp4 file (uploadable format). These devices are for classroom and event use only. They are not available for student projects. Please call the AV office for further information.

Mac AV Adapters

Mac users on the AU campus will now need to provide their own adapters for computer projector use or borrow one from technology services in the basement of the Library. For many years, the Audio & Video Systems and Services group provided special support for Mac users who wished to make use of computer projectors in the classroom and for special events. Special adapters are needed to connect Macs to the standard VGA connections in classrooms. Originally, Apple packaged these adapters with the computers, and AV maintained a small number of adapters on hand as a courtesy for users who had forgotten the adapter at home. However, three things have changed:

  1. Apple no longer provides adapters with computers;
  2. With each new kind of laptop made by Apple, a new adapter style has been added, raising the number of kinds of adapter needed by the AU community to at least five;
  3. The price of some adapters has increased by more than 50%.

Given the changes, and an unfortunate tendency of borrowers to not return these adapters, it has become impossible for AV to continue to offer this courtesy. This means it is even more important than before to remember to bring a Mac adapter with you when you want to make use of computer projectors!

Mac adapters can be purchased at,, the Apple Store in Bethesda, or Best Buy in Tenleytown.

If you would like to report an AV equipment outage or problem, please call or email us.