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Known Issues

Inline Grading does not save last comment.

There is a know issue where when using Inline-Grading screen to enter comments the last comment will not be saved when you submit or move to a new item. To remedy this please click anywhere inside the Crocodoc frame that is displaying the document to save the last comment before moving on. There is no official fix for the issue.

Collaborate Links  

Currently the Blackboard Collaborate Links in your courses have disappeared. While Blackboard is working to have them restored you can still access all the recordings in your course through Tools-->Blackboard or Control Panel-->Course Tools-->Blackboard Collaborate. 

Synchronize Merged Course Rosters  

While you can still combine your sessions using the Merge Course Rosters tool under Control Panel-->Course Tools the roster update through Synchronize Merged Course Roster is broken. Please contact our office with any updates that need to be made to student enrollments in these courses at 202-885-3904 or e-mail  

Mobile Devices and Course Reserves

There is an issue related to screen size and orientation where Course Reserves will not display properly on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The error causes part of the page to appear cut off and user is unable to scroll. There is currently no solution available. Please use non-mobile platform when accessing Course Reserves.

For any other issues with Blackboard please do not hesitate to contact us at 202-885-3904 or e-mail