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Blackboard 9.1 Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Learn about the New Features of Blackboard 9.1?

Blackboard has also provided more than 50 online tutorials at the On Demand Learning Center. We especially recommend:

Will the location of Blackboard change in August?

Blackboard will continue to be located at after the migration to Blackboard 9.1

Will my work ever disappear, even briefly?

Blackboard services will be unavailable for the night of August 7, 2010.

Will Blackboard 7 be available in the fall?

You will be able to see old courses on a Blackboard 7 server in the fall, but all fall courses will only be in Blackboard 9.1.

Deletion of Old Courses to Improve Performance of the Server

We plan to remove all courses created prior to Fall 2006 in order to improve the performance of the new Blackboard 9.1 server. We first announced this change in February 2010 and provided a website where you could request the preservation of Spring 2006 and earlier courses. If you used this site in February, you do not need to request the preservation of your courses again. If you would like to request this preservation for the first time, please visit this link.

Who can I contact with my questions about the migration to 9 or the deletion of courses?

Please contact:

The Blackboard Support Team at 202-885-3904

The Faculty Corner at 202-885-2734


Blackboard 9 Transition

Blackboard Image

Visit our transition page for more information, or log in to Blackboard 9.

Blackboard 9 Transition

Blackboard 9 Login

Phone Support

If you are unable to find answers to your questions online, call us at (202) 885-3904 or send us an email.