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Frequently Used Features

Upload a Document

To share syllabi, class assignments, PowerPoint presentations and other documents with students, Blackboard allows you to upload files. 

  • To begin uploading files, open a course and then click on the Content Area (e.g. Content or Information) where you would like to place the document.

  • Hover over the Build Content button at the top of the page with your mouse, then select Item or File.

  • On the next page, in Section One type the name of the item.

  • In Section Two, select Browse My Computer to choose a file to upload.

  • Click Submit to create the item.

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Adding/Removing Users and Creating Teaching Assistants

You can quickly add or remove a user from your Blackboard Course from the User Management panel.

  • In the Control Panel menu area select Users and Groups then click Users from the expanded panel.
  • To add a new user to your course, hover over the Enroll User button at the top of the page and click Find Users to Enroll
  • On the next page there will be a place for a student's username and role. If you do not know their username, click Browse, to search for them in the system.
  • Once you find their username, click the bubble next to their name and click Submit at the bottom of the Search page.
  • The Search page will automatically put the username into the box on the Find Users to Enroll page. You can add multiple students at once by inserting commas in between usernames.
  • Change a student's role by selecting the drop menu and selecting Student or Teaching Assistant.
  • Click Submit to add the student.

If you need to remove a student, just select the check box next to their name on the main Users page, then click the Remove Users from Course box.

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Copy Course Content 

Copying content from old Blackboard courses is a great way to save time if you wouldlike to reuse readings, assignments, and other materials. To copy content for your Blackboard courses, follow these steps.

  • In the Control Panel Menu area of the course you are copying from, select Packages and Utilities and then click Course Copy.
  • On the next page, select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course from the drop menu at the top of the page.
  • In Section 2, user the Browse button to find the course you would like to copy the content into.
  • Next, select all the content items that you would like to copy. Remember, this content will just be added to the content that is there already, it will not replace anything.
  • Click Submit to copy. It will take a few minutes for the content to move, depending on the amount of content, videos, images and audio files that you had in your course.
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Combining Course Sections 

As you know, you can save time by combining the all the sections you are teaching into one Blackboard site. After you merge the sections, the original sections will be unavailable. The new combined section will have a new Course ID showing its role as a new combined section site.

  • First in the Control Panel Menu Area, select Course Tools then Merge Course Rosters.
  • A list of courses that are available to merge will appear at the top of the page. Select the check boxes next to each course that you would like to merge.
  • In Section 2, type the name that you would like to appear as the title of the course (e.g. Great Experiments in Biology Merged Sections).
  • Click Submit to merge the courses into a new combined course.

After you merge courses, you will need to use the Synchronize Merged Course Rosters feature each day during the Drop/Add period to add all late registrants from the separate sections into the new super section. Synchronize Merged Course Rosters is found in the Control Panel Area under Course Tools, then select Synchronize Merged Course Rosters.

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CTRL Training

Want to learn more about Blackboard 9? Come to one of our training sessions on campus. Check out training dates and sign-up on our training calendar.

The Blackboard Support Team is also conducting online webinars. Check back here for a list of dates and times that you can join us online.