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Blackboard 9 Helpdesk

Getting Started with Blackboard 9

Blackboard 9 offers many new features which faculty have requested. They  include...                 
  • a better organized interface so you can do your work with fewer clicks 
  • much better use of color to highlight your choices as you build your  courses
  • a better aesthetic experience--Blackboard 9 is visually much more attractive  than earlier versions
  • blogs for group work which are easier to follow than the discussion  board
  • journals where students can post private responses to your reading  assignments
  • a new Grade Center with many more options replacing the Gradebook  feature

If you would like to test Blackboard 9 with your summer class, please send  your students this link:
Each course which you have activated at will appear in Blackboard 9 with you and your students enrolled. Also, please email and let CTE know that you are using Blackboard 9 this summer so that we can include you in an end of summer customer satisfaction survey.


Important Note: When you first approach your new  course, you will need to turn on the Editing button on the far right from OFF to ON. This only has to be done once.  After you turn editing ON in a course, the default condition  will change to ON.a picture of how to toggle edit mode in blackboard 9
To save time with learning Blackboard 9 please read our Getting Started Guide.
The official guide to the improvements in Blackboard 9 is here.
To learn about the Grade Center in Blackboard 9, a feature which is substantially changed from the Blackboard 7 Gradebook now in use on campus, see these  tutorials.
While the tutorials refer to Blackboard 8, the Grade Centers in  Blackboard 8 and 9 are identical. identical.