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Lecture Capture


Panopto is a new learning tool for recording and organizing videos and classroom content. This tool is available to the entire AU community and can help you do the following:

•  Record in lectures, student presentations, guest lecturers, etc. in the classroom for easy viewing later

•  Record special events

•  Record and capture your computer screen to create mini-lectures, flip your classroom or create training sessions

•  Have students record presentations from home

•  Create a video library inside Blackboard or on your AU webpage for easy dissemination

How it works:

With a webcam and microphone plugged in, Panopto allows you to record whatever you are displaying on your computer screen while also recording the audio and video of your lecture, presentation or event. Your recordings will automatically upload to the Panopto server and show up in your Blackboard course for easy access by your students. Additionally, you can embed videos on your AU webpage for public access. You have the ability to control access to your videos as well as transfer those videos from one course to another. You can even edit your videos to remove errors or make corrections. This is done online through Blackboard and the Panopto portal so you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.


Getting started with Panopto? Contact the Blackboard office at x3904 or blackboard@american.edu for help configuring your Blackboard course and installing the Panopto recorder software.

For other questions including encoding errors, recording recovery, etc., for quickest resolution of your issues, please contact Panopto support directly.


Panopto-provided support for viewers and creators:

•  Log your own support ticket
•  Email Panopto at support@panopto.com
•  Call Panopto at (855) 765-2341


Blackboard Office

Configuring Panopto in your Blackboard Course, training, basic support

•  Email blackboard@american.edu
•  Call (202) 885-3904



Network issues with uploading and streaming content

•  Email helpdesk@american.edu
•  Call (202) 885-2550


Disability Support Services

Accessibility Issues

•  Call (202) 885-3360


Library Technology Services

Computer and webcam loans for faculty

•  Email AUtechservices@gmail.com
•  Call (202) 885-3229


New Media Center

Training classes and walk in technical support

•  Email LibNMC@american.edu
•  Call (202) 885-2560


Audio Visual Services

In-class support with webcams and microphones

  • Email av@american.edu
  • Call (202) 885-2296