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Faculty Experts Guide for News Media

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  • Shuai Ma assistant professor of accounting and taxation

    Kogod School of Business
    Ph.D. in Accounting 2009 – 2014 University of Oklahoma B.B.A. in Accounting 2005 – 2009 Beijing Normal University
  • Stephen MacAvoy associate professor, environmental science

    College of Arts and Sciences
    PhD, Environmental Science, University of Virginia
  • Christian Maisch assistant professor of U.S. foreign policy

    Washington Semester Program
    BA, Ohio Dominican College; MA, PhD, American University
  • Patrick Malone executive in residence. department of public administration and policy; director of American University’s Key Executive Leadership Program

    School of Public Affairs
    PhD, American University; MS Trinity University, San Antonio
  • Daniel Marcus Fellow in Law and Government; practitioner in residence

    Washington College of Law
    BA, Brandeis University; LLB, Yale Law School
  • Robert Marshak distinguished scholar in residence, Department of Public Administration and Policy

    School of Public Affairs
    BA, Duke University; MPA and PhD, American University
  • Claudia Martin codirector of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; professorial lecturer in residence

    Washington College of Law
    JD, University of Buenos Aires; LLM, American University Washington College of Law
  • Garret Martin Professorial Lecturer

    School of International Service
    PhD, Professorial Lecturer
  • Gabriel Mathy assistant professor, economics

    College of Arts and Sciences
    PhD, University of California, Davis
  • Anita McBride Executive-in-Residence, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, School of Public Affairs

    School of Public Affairs
    B.A. in International Studies from the University of Connecticut; Washington Semester program in foreign policy at American University; Studied international relations and foreign languages at the University of Florence in Italy
  • Richard McCann professor, MFA Program in Creative Writing

    College of Arts and Sciences
    PhD, University of Iowa; MA, Hollins University
  • Barry McCarthy professor of psychology

    College of Arts and Sciences
    BA, Loyola University; MA, PhD, Southern Illinois University
  • Howard McCurdy professor of public administration and policy

    School of Public Affairs
    BA, MA, University of Washington; PhD, Cornell University
  • Wendy Melillo associate professor of public communication

    School of Communication
    BA, American University; MA, American University; MA, Johns Hopkins University
  • Julie Mertus professor of human rights

    School of International Service
    JD, Yale Law School
  • Daniel Metcalfe executive director, Collaboration on Government Secrecy; adjunct professor of law

    Washington College of Law
    BA, State University of New York–Stony Brook; JD, George Washington University
  • Jeffrey Middents associate professor of literature

    College of Arts and Sciences
    BA, Dartmouth College; PhD, University of Michigan
  • Binny Miller director, Criminal Justice Clinic; professor of law

    Washington College of Law
    BA, Carleton College (magna cum laude); JD, University of Chicago (cum laude)
  • Elliott Milstein professor of law

    Washington College of Law
    BA, University of Hartford; JD, University of Connecticut School of Law; LLM, Yale Law School; LLD (honorary), University of Hartford; LLD (honorary), Nova Southeastern University
  • Alexandra Mislin associate professor of management

    Kogod School of Business
    BA, Kenyon College; MSBA, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis

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