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AU Experts: Health & Wellness

(Photo: Jeff Watts)

There is an obesity epidemic in the U.S. affecting all demographic groups. As waistlines increase, healthcare costs are also soaring. The incidence of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels are no longer reserved for the middle-aged but are maladies spreading among children. What are the trends in fitness and wellness? How does marketing affect dietary choices? Is fast-food solely to blame? American University experts are ready to analyze factors affecting the nation’s health chart from exercise and nutrition to the influence marketing is having on young people.

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Robert Karch

Robert Karch, professor of health

Professor of Health 

Can discuss: Health care cost containment, global health policy, health promotion programs for international and underserved populations, health care reform

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Taryn Morrissey

Taryn Morrissey, Assistant Professor of Public Administration & Policy

Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Can discuss: Impacts of public policy on child development, how health care and early education policy affect children's health and social-emotional outcomes

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Sonya Grier

Associate Professor of Marketing

Can discuss: Impact of marketing unhealthy foods on eating behaviors and the obestiy epidemic, consumer health-related attitudes and behaviors, role of marketing in addressing health disparities

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Manoj Jastak

Manoj Hastak, professor of marketing

Professor of Marketing

Can discuss: Psychology marketing

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Stacey Snelling

Associate Professor of Health

Can discuss: Nutrition and nutrition education; health communication; health promotion, including school and worksite health promotion

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Jeremy Shiffman

Jeremy Shiffman, associate professor of public administration

Associate Professor of Public Administration

Can discuss: Global health policy, with an emphasis on low-income countries, politics of health policy and administration in poor countries

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Kathryn Montgomery

Kathryn Montgomery, professor of communication

Professor of Communication

Can discuss: Interactive food and beverage marketing, examining the  ways used by companies, including the Internet, mobile phones, video games, and other digital technologies to target children and adolescents

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Alison Jacknowitz


Associate Professor of Public Administration

Can discuss: Poverty, income and food assistance programs, health outcomes, the elderly, children and families

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Anusree Mitra

Associate Professor of Marketing

Can discuss: Consumer perceptions of marketing information such as advertising, nutritional labeling, and other mandatory disclosures, and their public policy implications

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Wendy Boland

Photo: Wendy Boland

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Can discuss: Consumer decision making, emotional and high-risk choices, information processing, marketing and public policy issues dealing with child and adolescent consumers

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