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AU in the Media: 2/20/09

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In-depth journalism

The School of Communication hosted An American Forum a panel discussion during which journalists addressed the future of investigative journalism in the nation's capital. The event, which featured professor Wendell Cochran as moderator, aired LIVE on WAMU 88.5 and C-SPAN, and re-aired on C-SPAN2. (2/17/09)


Faculty, Programs, & Quotes

Obama’s first 100 days

Allan Lichtman, a political history professor, was quoted in a Bloomberg News story about President Obama’s first 100 days in office, in comparison with Franklin Roosevelt, as he combats a financial crisis. “No one’s going to have 100 days like Franklin Roosevelt again, with 15 major pieces of legislation,” he said. “But leaving aside that impossible comparison, Obama’s accomplishments stack up very well.” (2/17/09)

Closer to negotiations?

Peter Beck, a specialist in Korean affairs, was quoted in a Reuters story about the Obama administration’s openness for discussion regarding North Korea’s hesitation to accept an offer of a peace treaty and aid in exchange for the elimination of its nuclear weapons program. "The Obama administration is clearly sending the signal that it is serious about negotiations and testing the North Koreans to see if they are serious," he said. (2/15/09)

Deleting the doctrine

In his opinion piece for Foreign Policy in Focus, Philip Brenner, a professor of international relations, suggested the elimination of the Monroe Doctrine, which forbade European leadership from interfering or colonizing with the United States, and which was later used as the basis for invading Latin American countries to prevent European influence. “Typically the United States invoked the Monroe Doctrine — without threats from Europe — to justify self-serving intrusions that have inflicted heavy damage on Latin American dignity and sovereignty,” he wrote. “This move could serve as a rhetorical catalyst for developing real partnerships that acknowledge Latin America's new status.”(2/2/09)

Privacy protection or cowardice?

Naomi Baron, a linguistics professor, appeared in a WUSA CBS9 news television segment about a new website that allows users to send anonymous e-cards to notify past sexual partners about possible exposure to STDs and other diseases, and the ethics behind privacy. "We've learned that with technology in general we can control the amount of contact we have with another person," she. "We used to say you're going to have to see someone face to face if you're going to fire them or break up with them." (2/17/09)

No diversity in the newsroom, no diversity in the news

Angie Chuang, assistant professor of journalism, was quoted in a New American Media story about a recent survey that presented how lack of diversity in newsrooms result in poor coverage on race relations. "We didn't know how to approach Obama, and that drove us crazy," Chuang said about categorizing the President’s multicultural background. Chuang also participated in a panel discussion hosted by The Loop 21 and UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc., which conducted the survey. (2/16/09)