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AU in the Media: 2/27/09

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Homecourt advantage

The American University men’s basketball team garnered its second regular season championship title, earning home-court advantage throughout the Patriot League tournament. The game was covered by local news outlets WRC-NBC 4, WTTG-Fox 5, and the Washington Post. Men’s basketball player Bryce Simon was also featured in a Washington Post story and a WRC-NBC 4 television news segment about his journey to recovery from an injury that sidelined him before the Eagles' NCAA tournament appearance last year. "I'd be lying if I told you there aren't times when I get frustrated, when I want to be out there on the court helping my team more," Simon said. "But the way I look at it is, every minute I get to play out there is a minute I appreciate. There were times when I didn't think I would play another minute. I consider myself lucky." (2/22/09)


Faculty, Programs, &Quotes

Call to service

In his opinion piece for the Baltimore Sun, Andrew Yarrow wrote about President Obama’s call for public engagement and the likelihood of the message getting across to Americans. “Even if players as different as Mr. Obama and Google can use vaunted tools and technologies to bring people together, there is still a long way to go, culturally and practically, to provide the structures, time, comfort and platforms necessary to enable citizens to deliberate meaningfully about public issues and influence our political leaders,” he said. “But this is precisely what public engagement - and, for that matter, participatory democracy - is about." (2/25/09)

Taxation with Representation?

Jamin Raskin, a professor of law, was quoted in a Bloomberg News story about the push to allow the District of Columbia to have a vote in Congress. “The Constitution gives Congress the exclusive authority to govern the District of Columbia,” he said. (2/21/09)

The option to buy

In his opinion piece for the Washington Times, Robert I. Lerman, an economics professor, discussed the importance of renters in the current state of the real estate market. “Congress and the Obama administration should consider allowing low-income recipients of rent subsidies to buy homes and use their subsidies to help pay the monthly mortgage, tax and insurance costs,” he wrote. “Amid today's foreclosures and economic malaise, many more would-be homeowners might rush through that door if it were opened further - giving themselves and the housing market a leg up at no net cost to government.” (2/27/09)

Text happy

Naomi Baron, a professor of linguistics, was quoted in a Washington Post story about the modern teenager’s reliance on text messaging as a form of communication. "It is part of a larger phenomenon of where is your mind, and if your mind is always on your phone, it's not on other things," she said. This story was picked up by 9 news outlets, including the Seattle Times, Wichita Eagle, and the Vancouver Sun. (2/22/09)

Climate change exaggerations

Matthew Nisbet, a professor of communications, was quoted in a New York Times story about climate change and the overstatements used to describe the global warming issue during a seminar speech by former Vice President Al Gore. “There is little evidence to suggest that it is effective at building broad-based support for policy action," he said. “Perhaps worse, his message is very easily countered by people such as [George] Will as global-warming alarmism, shifting the focus back to their preferred emphasis on scientific uncertainty and dueling expert views.” (2/24/09)

Multicultural marketing

Sonya Grier, a marketing professor, was quoted in a Canadian Press story about the increase in multiculturalism in commercials and other mediums of advertising. ``Now that the president is African-American, I think companies that were once afraid to put members of multiple ethnic groups in their ads might see a chance here to go ahead and take a risk, or even see it as necessary,” she said. (2/26/09)

Phoning in the news

Amy Eisman, a journalism professor and director of writing programs, appeared on a NewsChannel 8 television news segment about the future of how readers will receive their news, whether print, electronic, or cell phone. (2/25/09)

Working abroad

Katherine Stahl, executive director of the Career Center, was quoted in a McClatchy story about recent college graduates applying for jobs overseas in light of the current employment market in the U.S. “[When job prospects falter, young graduates gravitate toward] doing something meaningful rather than perhaps doing something menial," she said. (2/26/09)

International college selections

Evelyn Levinson, director of international admissions, was featured in a Voice of America weekly television news segment titled “Campus,” which focuses on students in Pakistan who are considering colleges and universities in the U.S. For the segment, Levinson provided information on deciding between public and private universities, including resources and course options. (2/23/09)

Less college stress

A study conducted in part by American University's Department of Psychology states that meditation is an effective tool for students battling the pressures and stress of college life. This report was picked up by more than 25 news outlets, including BBC News and WRC-NBC 4. (2/24/09)