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AU in the Media: 3/27/09

Top Story

Back to the Dance

Katherine Stahl, director of the Career Center, appeared in a Hearst-Argyle television segment for about advice for graduating students entering the workforce with a small outlook. “The most important thing and many seniors neglect this, is to focus on the fact that they need to get a job right now,” she said. “In order to really take that focus, go to the career center, make sure they do the fundamentals, get their resume work on, make sure they feel comfortable in an interview process, learn about all the websites they can be looking at and utilizing, and really get comfortable with a plan.” The interview was made available to all 26 of Hearst-Argyle's commercial broadcast television stations. (3/25/09)


Faculty, Programs, & Quotes

Tough Sell

Gordon Adams, professor of foreign policy, was quoted in a story about President Obama’s plan to put federal funding in to military efforts in Afghanistan and the public opinion of the move in the middle of a recession."I think the American public is preoccupied with their pocketbook, and right now to tell them that this is going to be a long haul, and it's going to cost more money and that more American lives will be at stake, will be a hard sell -- you bet," he said. (3/25/09)

Bailout Option for Banks

Bob Sicina, a business professor, appeared in a Hearst-Argyle Television news segment to discuss the Treasury Department’s proposal to help banks get rid of mortgage loans. “There’s gonna be some sort of auction process involved here that will enable private investors to bid and act in a manner that is going to give them comfort that the returns are going to be appropriate,” he said. The segment was made available to all 26 of Hearst-Argyle Television's commercial broadcast television stations. (3/23/09)

Leadership Put to the Test

Allan Lichtman, professor of history, was quoted in a Voice of America story about President Obama’s leadership style. “These are sober times and our president has delivered a lot of stern and sober talks to the American people,” he said. “But there is a lighter side to Barack Obama.” (3/20/09)

Precautions in Mexico

AU senior Martin do Nascimento was featured in a Washington Examiner story about his alternative spring break trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, which he led, to study the country’s economic development in the midst of State Department advisory for travelers to avoid certain areas. “Personally, I never once while on the trip felt as though I was in danger. Nevertheless, I was constantly preoccupied with the safety of the trip participants,” he said. “Mexico is a wonderful country. And while I surely do not have a sound enough understanding of the events taking place there involving drug cartels and kidnappings to be considered a definitive source on the matter, if my actions are any gauge of safety in the country, I plan on returning as soon as possible.” (3/23/09)

Saving the Ozone Layer

Paul Wapner, professor of global environmental politics, was quoted in an Associated Press story about a NASA study on ozone-eating chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which prompted the Montreal Protocol treaty, where 193 nations agreed to cease all use of CFC emissions. "There's a huge lesson to be learned here," he said. "In significant cases, human beings can get together and arrive at international or global principles and avoid ecological catastrophe."(3/19/09)

Girlfriend Power

Iris Krasnow, a journalism professor in the Washington Semester program, was quoted in a Washington Examiner story about the importance of women having a close circle of female friends. “There is something about women that binds us through time. However different we are in ages and backgrounds, the theme that binds women is that we want to give love and to receive love,” she said. “You can be married to the most sensitive and wonderful of men, but only a woman understands what it is like to live in the skin of another woman. The trick to a successful marriage is to make sure you surround yourself with great girlfriends.” (3/19/09)