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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 4/17/09

Top Story

AU Goes Green, Beautifies Campus

American University community participated in the annual Campus Beautification Day, and was featured in a Medill News Service story about the project, where students, faculty and staff assisted in the planting and fertilizing of the campus grounds in support of the university’s green initiative. "You have the ideas of youth coming together with facilities management, and we are able to experiment," Mark Feist, assistant director of facilities team, said about working with students to create a greener campus. (4/16/09)


Faculty, Programs, & Quotes

And in other news, AU's community contributed to the national discussion on politics, global, and other issues:

Rebranding Foreign Attacks

Robert Goldman, a law professor, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal story about the Somali pirate hijacking of an American naval ship, and the distinction between terrorists and political fighters. "I think under any standard, the captured al Qaeda fighters simply do not meet the minimum standards set out to be considered prisoners of war,” he said. (4/11/09)

The China Effect

Peter Beck, a North Korea expert, was quoted in a Thomson Reuters story about China’s difficult position with North Korea as it tries to convince the country to halt nuclear testing while abstaining from a restriction of Chinese imports into North Korea. "The bottom line is that this comes down to China as the key. They have the most influence over North Korea," he said. “If we take a hands-off approach, China will have to get more hands on." (4/15/09)

Lifting the Restrictions

William LeoGrande, a Cuba specialist and dean of the School of Public Affairs, was quoted in an Inter-Press Service story about the Obama administration lifting restrictions for Cuban-Americans to visit the country and send money to relatives, as well as authorizing telecommunication companies to do business in Cuba.  "I don't think most Latin American heads of state are going to be too impressed by this," he said. "They've asked for a new departure by the U.S. toward Cuba, and this is really not a new departure." (4/13/09)

Pennsylvania Politics

Karen O'Connor, founder of the Women & Politics Institute, was quoted in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story about Pennsylvania’s low raking for the number of women in state politics. “Pennsylvania does have a reputation for not being particularly friendly to women candidates -- and a Democratic Party structure that is almost hostile to the notion of women candidates," she said. (4/12/09)

Re-evaluating Academics

Lawrence Ward, associate dean of academic programs at the Kogod School of was quoted in a Medill News Service story about MBA programs taking a second look at their curriculum to fit the current needs. “All schools have a responsibility to emphasize decision-making,” he said. “If we’re not helping students understand the implications and dimensions of all the decisions that they make, then we’re not doing an effective job as a program.” (4/16/09)

A Closer Look at Religion

Akbar Ahmed, chair of Islamic Studies, was a guest on a Public Radio International radio segment about religious faith in America and abroad as secularism rises. “[Competition  between Muslims and Christians] is not new, it’s been taking place for the last thousand years and both sides are aware of it. It takes different form,” he said. “It’s taking a very different form because of globalization. Muslims are now literally all over the map and you are seeing very different expressions of this encounter with 9/11 and subsequent developments.” (4/12/09)