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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 8/21/09

Top story

Welcome Freshmen

More than 1,500  freshmen arrived on campus August 15 to acquaint themselves with the AU and D.C. communities before the start of the new academic year. Local television stations WRC-NBC 4, WTTG-FOX 5, WUSA-CBS 9, and WJLA-ABC 7 showed up to document the AU community welcoming and helping new students settle into their new home-away-from-home. "I love this city and this is the best part of this city that I know," the mom of a new freshman told WRC-NBC 4. "We're very excited and think this is going to be a tremendous opportunity for her." AU's mobile alert system, AU Campus Connect, and the DiscoverDC program were highlighted as positive, student-centered measures at AU. (8/15/09)

Focus on Students

In a national news outlet, a local television segment, and a publication produced by the U.S. State Department, our students showcased their talents in music and news writing, and their passion for politics:

Freshman Service Experience

More than 600 American University freshmen performed more than 14,000 hours of community service by participating in the Freshman Service Experience. NewsChannel 8 took notice of how AU's newest students immediately connected with fellow D.C. residents as they rolled up their sleeves and began making a difference for others. The students’ commitment to service was also mentioned in a Washington Post article, as they helped cleanup a local arts-based youth development organization that had been vandalized on Monday.(8/20/08)

Internship in Action, and in Print

He hasn't even graduated, but already, AU senior Bobby Allyn has a byline in the New York Times... in the Sunday edition no less! Allyn penned an article about how unpaid interns scrape by to reap the benefits of work experience in the Big Apple. Allyn, a philosophy major and creator of a campus student magazine, AWOL, is participating in his fifth journalism internship as a stringer for the New York Times’ Metro section, as well as a writer for the newspaper’s blog, City Room. (8/16/09)

Global Recognition, Global Students

eJournal USA, a monthly electronic journal by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of International Information Programs, focused its August issue on Campus Connections to reach the more than 600,000 international students coming to the United States to study this year. Three of the issue's ten feature stories had direct American University connections: The first article, "Becoming a Cultural Broker," focused on six international students who talk about their lives and experiences on the AU campus in Washington, D.C. In the second article, Vikram Murthy, the Indian father of an AU student, reflects on the decision to send his daughter to the United States and in particular, American University, for her education. Finally, a Sri Lankan father, an exchange student in the 1970s, contrasts his experience with that of his daughter at American University in the 2000s.(August 09)

Singing with Glee

Treble in Paradise, American University’s all-female a capella group, appeared on a live morning segment of WTTG-FOX 5’s morning news to help promote a new Fox network sitcom about a high school glee club. Standing on the National Mall with the Washington Monument as a backdrop, the group sang background as the show’s cast was interviewed by Fox 5 news anchors. (8/20/09)

Faculty & Quotes

And in other news, AU's community contributed to the discussion of political, national, and international issues:

The Importance of Protests

Juan E. Méndez, a visiting law professor, was quoted in a New York Times blog about the validity of protesting. “It is easy to think that the technological advances in communications and information have made street demonstrations useless as a means to influence policy or obtain change,” he said. “For the billions of powerless in today’s world, protest is the only way to have their voices heard. That is why international human rights law places a very high premium on freedom of speech, association, and assembly, all of them broadly understood.” (8/20/09)

Necessary Changes for Afghanistan

Akbar Ahmed, a professor of Islamic studies, was an in-studio guest for a 5-minute live interview on Fox News Channel’s "Weekend Live" to discuss the presidential elections in Afghanistan in the midst of terror and violence threats. “The problems are the problems of corruption, of human rights abuses, of law and order,” he said in reference to incumbent Hamid Karzai’s handling of the country’s issues. “These problems have not been tackled, and unless Karzai or whoever takes over begins to tackle, nothing very much is going to change in Afghanistan.” (8/15/09)

Taking a Stake in the Healthcare Battle

Gerald Martin, a professor of finance, was quoted in a Bloomberg News article about billionaire Warren Buffet’s stake in a laboratory equipment company, his lowering the holdings of two U.S. health care insurers, and what it means for the debate on health care reform. “If the government is going to open health care to more people, demand for health care supplies would increase,” said Martin. “The plan that’s going through Congress could be a real negative to the health insurers, but the people who provide the supplies could really benefit.” (8/17/09)

North Korea Commentary

Peter Beck, a professor of international business, was quoted in an Agence-Presse France article about easing international tension in North Korea, following the release of two American journalists and the nation opening its borders to South Korea. “The regime is clearly signaling that they want to at least appear to be more reasonable,” he said. “I think the prospects for a fundamental breakthrough are still very low. But on the other hand a full-on crisis doesn't serve the interest of either Washington or Pyongyang.” (8/21/09)