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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 1/08/10

Top story

Engaged Students Learning from Leaders

For the second week, C-SPAN was on campus to film the Campaign Management Institute’s two-week class about local, state, and federal political campaigns, and the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute’s course that explores the lobbying profession. Sessions from both institutes including those led by AU alumnus Glen Bolger, Coleman Milling and Jason Mida were broadcast LIVE on C-SPAN2 and re-aired on C-SPAN and C-SPAN3. To date there has been 59 hours of programming on the network. (12/31/09)

OpEds and Editorials

A Korean Reunification?

The growing problems in North Korea could make the country’s regime collapse and result in a reunification with South Korea, according to international business professor Peter Beck’s opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal. "Building a modern economy in North Korea would be a wise investment in peace and prosperity in North Asia," he wrote, adding that policy makers should consider where funding for the costly venture would come from and how to best allocate it to prevent “post-reunification confusion.” (1/4/10)

Investing Overseas

The United States and other nations should take a few tips from China’s plans for economic assistance to Africa, international development professor Deborah Brautigam wrote in her opinion piece for Foreign Affairs magazine. "Given the limits of the West's success in promoting development in Africa so far, perhaps Westerners should be less judgmental and more open-minded in assessing China's initiatives there," she wrote. (1/5/10)

Expert Quotes

Health Care Reform Negotiation

James Thurber, director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, discussed the probable outcomes as Congress returns to prepare for the final stretch in creating a health care reform bill with Bloomberg News "It’s going to be ‘no’ to the House on the public option." he said. "I would think that they would lean more heavily toward the Senate bill in the end in almost all of the contentious things." This story was also re-published in BusinessWeek. (1/4/10)

Watch Our Film, Buy Our Product

Pharmaceutical company Glaxo has plans to finance a documentary on food consumptionand it may work in their favor, Pat Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media, told theNew York Times. "Because we are in this era of strategic social media, we can’t think of this in that old way we used to," she said. "If Glaxo signs an agreement saying that we will pay for it but we won’t look at a rough cut, then I think you have a case where this effort could have some real value." (1/6/10)

Buffett vs. Kraft Foods

Finance professor Gerald Martin talked to BusinessWeek about billionaire Warren Buffet’s opposition to Kraft Foods Inc’s wish to acquire Cadbury and issue up to 370 million shares of the company. "I don’t think that he’s opposed to the acquisition, I think he’s opposed to the use of stock," he said. "He feels that the shares are so undervalued that it would be an expensive proposition." (1/5/10)

To Mars, the Moon, and Beyond?

The future of NASA now lies in President Obama’s hands, space policy expert Howard McCurdy told the St. Petersburg Times. "He's got the option of abandoning the moon for something more daring. He's got the option of increasing or not increasing NASA's budget. And he's got the option of restricting the human space flight program to low-Earth orbit for the next 10-12 years," he said. (1/5/10)

Saving Presidential History

Historian-in-residence Anna Nelson explained the process of archiving presidential records to the History News Network. “ NARA's [ National Archives and Records Administration] work in the White house is subject to the desires of the President and his staff. Some will ask for an archivist on detail from NARA. Others, like the Bush administration does not want anyone,” she said, adding that the all administrations under the 1978 Presidential Records Act (PRA) must keep its records according to rules set by NARA. (1/4/10)