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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 1/15/10

Top story

Job Outlook for New Grads

Katherine Stahl, director of the Career Center, was an in-studio guest on WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi Show to discuss the outlook for college graduates in the midst of low employment rates. “Only 40% of last year’s graduates [nationwide] started their job search before graduation,” she explained. “You’ve got to get started; you’ve got to launch yourself. It’s going to take a long time to find a job, but those with tenacity are going to have the most luck.” (1/11/10)

Reel Journalism, Real Partners

The School of Communication, in conjunction with the Newseum, presented the film, “Absence of Malice” for the Reel Journalism Film series, hosted by journalist-in-residence Nick Clooney. This month’s program featured guest Brian Williams, the anchor of NBC Nightly News. During the event, SOC Dean Larry Kirkman announced the school’s new partnership with NBC News. ran a brief with a photo from the event. (1/13/10)

Expert Quotes

A Dictator from Another Angle

At the Television Critics Association annual meeting to promote his forthcoming Showtime series, history professor Peter Kuznick defended director Oliver Stone’s portrayal of Hitler as a scapegoat. “Hitler is as evil as you can get, and we're going to make that clear,” he explained. “But we're going to try to explain Hitler as a historical phenomenon, not just as some untethered force of evil that somehow emerged.” The story was originally published by Philadelphia Inquirer and republished by more than 30 news outlets, including the Sacramento Bee, Sydney Morning Herald and the Kansas City Star.

A Threat to Traditional Recycling

Diane Singerman, associate professor of government, participated in an in-studio interview for WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi Show to explain the role of Egypt’s eco-friendly “Zabbaleen,” garbage collectors. Even with an 80% recycling rate, the garbage collectors compete with foreign modern waste management companies brought in by the Egyptian government.“Some of this is about economic priorities, but the other part is about what the Egyptian elite and the Egyptian government thinks of as modernity,” she said during the 15-minute segment. “When Westerners see the Zabbaleen, and they think about the garbage in Cairo, it creates this sort of notion of their inferiority in some sense.” (1/13/10)

Fair Use for Remixes and Mash-ups

Pat Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media, talked to PC World about the difficulty in making remixes of existing copyright works while obeying copyright laws, and the advantages for original content producers whose works are used for mash-ups by other sources."Nobody ever promised newspapers or any other business a lifelong purchase on their business model," she said. "Many content industry organizations that use fair use all the time have been blaming fair use for the very upsetting, total disruption in their business model." (1/12/10)

Understanding Islam in Orange County, FL

In a story for the Orange County Register, international affairs professor Akbar Ahmed discussed Muslim relations in Orange County, Florida, after the launch of an English-speaking online Muslim radio station that carries talk shows about different aspects of daily life from a Muslim perspective."Muslims need to explain themselves and they need to explain Islam," he said. "They need to explain their traditions and customs and this is what they're doing with this station. In that sense it becomes an important tool." (1/14/10)