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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 3/26/10

Top story

AU Program Helps Bridge Language Barrier

American University was featured on the front page of the Washington Post’s Metro section about the Community Learners Advancing in Spanish and English (CLASE) program where students teach English to staff members working in Housing and Dining. As the Post states, “The students hope to do more than teach English. They aim to bridge the gap in language, culture and socioeconomic status that separates students from workers. In a sense, CLASE is about class.” In response to why she’s involved with this initiative, Julia Young, one of this year’s student leaders, told the Post, "We need to relate to them, and we need to understand where they're coming from." (3/22/10)

Other Features

AU Wrestlers Earn All-American Honors

Three scholar athletes earnedAll-American honors at the NCAA wrestling tournament, the best finish in the program’s history. Junior Steve Fittery and senior Kyle Borshoff placed fifth and eighth place, respectively.  Senior Mike Cannon placed third and earned his third All-American title in four years. sports and numerous regional publications, including Fittery’s hometown paper, chronicled tournament weekend.(3/20/10)

Reel Journalism: Network

WJLA-ABC 7’s Arch Campbell and Gordon Peterson were Nick Clooney’s guests at the School of Communication and Newseum’s Reel Journalism film series. The long time news men selected the dark, TV news-skewering film Network. While Clooney, Campbell, and Peterson discussed how the 1976 movie rings true today, AU alum Jim Brady pointed out that main character Howard Beale, a frustrated network anchor, may become less relevant in the near future. "Larry Kirkman and I were just talking about this film," Brady said as he announced a new partnership between his forthcoming Allbritton venture and the School of Communication.  "The most famous line is 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.' Well now, journalism students don't have to take it anymore," he said, pointing to the opportunities today's journalists have beyond the mainstream media. FishBowl DC ran a news brief that featured on MediaBistro’s homepage. (3/23/10)

Concert, Play Pay Homage to Terezin Artists

Washington Jewish Week featured Voices of Terezin: An Artistic Tribute in Two Parts, an event that showcased the AU Chamber Singers’ performance of Songs of Children and the U.S. premiere of the play Smoke of Home. The project was inspired by works of Jewish prisoners in the Terezin ghetto during World War II, which sparked the interest of theater professor Gail Humphries Mardirosian.  “These individuals [in Terezin] were able to generate something which, to my mind, is one of the most extraordinary applications of the arts I can fathom,” she said.(3/18/10)

OpEds and Editorials

Health Care Passage Means Obama Wins 2012

History professor Allan Lichtman wrote in his OpEd for that President Obama will win the White House again in 2012.  Typically, Lichtman’s Gazette OpEd comes closer to the election year, but the developer of The 13 Keys to the White House says his earliest prediction yet is grounded in the historic passage of the health care bill. “History shows that the choice of a president does not turn on debates, advertising, speeches, endorsements, rallies, platforms, promises or campaign tactics,” wrote Lichtman. “Rather, presidential elections are primarily referenda on the performance of the party holding the White House.” (3/26/10)

Expert Quotes

Health Care Vote not Just a Triumph for the President

Jennifer Lawless, director of the Women and Politics Institute, talked to about House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s personal triumph and a win for women after Congress voted in favor of the health care bill. “Obviously, we know from a variety of studies that women are much more likely to place a priority on health care," she said. "But this was also President Barack Obama's vision.” (3/22/10)

Obama vs. Israel

President Obama’s disagreement with Israel’s prime minister may affect support from Jewish constituencies in the 2012 election, according to an Associated Press story. The pro-Israel lobby "is almost like a 51st state," said James Thurber, a political scientist at American University. "It's strong. It has one issue." “Thurber added that any attempts by Israel prime minister  Benjamin Netanyahu to create opposition between Congress and the White House may be futile. “In the end, the president does have the power to call most of the shots.” (3/24/10)

Abortion Takes Center Stage in Health Care Debate

Communication professor Dotty Lynch talked to Agence Press-France about the abortion debate on Capitol Hill after the Democratic vote that passed the health care bill. "Democratic members of Congress who are strong on the abortion issue tend to be from districts with a strong right-to-life movement. If they go against their constituents, they might well lose their seat in November." (3/23/10)

The Appeal of Glenn Beck

According to Leonard Steinhorn, public communication professor, FOX News Channel commentator Glenn Beck has the advantage of being on television, a “very intimate medium,” that helps boost his popularity. “Somebody who is able to show that emotional side connects with us in a visceral and fundamental way,” Steinhorn told Canada’s National Post. “And it can work especially well with people who look to television to satisfy their own emotional needs."(3/19/10)

Young Adults Flocking to D.C. for Action, Culture

History professor Alan Kraut talked to the Washington Examiner about the growing population of young adults in the Washington, D.C., area. “A lot of the young, single people who grew up in bedroom communities are moving into cities—this one, and others," he said, adding that people are gravitating to city life and culture.(3/24/10)

For Students, Health Care Bill Extends Coverage Well Beyond Graduation

Health and Fitness chair Robert Karch spoke to WRC-NBC 4 during a television news segment about the new health care bill’s provision allowing  young adults to receive  medical insurance under their parents’ policies until age 26. “The reality is that it’s really important particularly if an individual gets sick or there's an injury of some kind,” Karch said. AU students interviewed for the segments agreed that the extended coverage will be a help to them. (3/23/10)

Virginia Attorney General Says Health Care Requirement Unconstitutional

Washington College of Law professor Steve Vladeck discussed the lawsuit filed by Virginia’s attorney general to challenge the new federal health care law requiring citizens to purchase private services. “The real question is can the federal government do it, as opposed to the states, and that is where these precedents come in,” he told WTTG-Fox 5. “There is such a strong economic impact to health insurance and from health insurance that it's within congress's power to regulate.” (3/23/10)