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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 4/02/10

Top story

Lack of Copyright Knowledge Troubles Communications Scholars

Patricia Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media, discussed the center’s latest report with The Chronicle of Higher Education.  The report, “Clipping Our Own Wings: Copyright and Creativity in Communication Research,” shows that scholars’ confusion over fair use compromises communication and media research. More than 60 percent of the scholars had difficulty getting access to copyrighted works, including problems with obtaining permissions, prohibitive costs, convenient access or copying options, and technological barriers including encryption. Professors are often left to fend for themselves when attempting to publish research that includes copyrighted works."There's a lot of pressures that end up at the desk of some poor communications professor who never thought he'd have to think about this stuff,” said Aufderheide. The report was also cited by Inside Higher Ed. (4/1/10)

Other Features

Former Chief of Staff Joins AU Faculty

Politico reported that Anita McBride, former chief of staff to Laura Bush, will be an executive-in- residence with the Center for Presidential and Congressional Studies. McBride was recently a speaker at a women’s history month event at AU, along with Jennifer Lawless, director of the Women & Politics Institute. (3/25/10)

Muslim Chaplain Strives to Become an Imam

Adeel Zeb, a volunteer chaplain with the Kay Spiritual Life Center, was featured on the front page of the Washington Post’s Metro section in a story about his quest to become part of the first generation of American-born imams. “It's paramount to have indigenous imams here who can understand the plight and problems of Muslim Americans,” he said. (4/1/10)

Expert Quotes

Militia Groups Resurging, Expert Says

Carolyn Brown, professor of communication, was a guest on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric to talk about the resurgence of militia groups following the recent arrest of members plotting to over throw the U.S. government. “We`re at a time where the economy is bad, people are suffering, they don’t have jobs, we do have an African-American president and we have a lot of social reform,” she said, citing the reasons fueling antigovernment sentiment. Brown also talked to the Detroit News and was an in-studio guest on WAMU’s Diane Rehm Show. “A lot of these groups share common ideology,” she said during the seven minute segment. (3/30/10)

Tiger Woods’ Road to Redemption

Gemma Puglisi, executive-in-resident with the School of Communication, talked to the Associated Press about the scandal surrounding Tiger Woods and his efforts to repair his public image. Puglisi suggested that the golfer extend his tournament calendar and participate in more charitable events. "He can't just focus on his game. He's got to show people he's an everyday guy,” she said. This story was republished by ten news outlets, including Sports and (4/1/10)

Developing Best Hiring Practices

In a series of career related articles for Inc. Magazine, Mark Clark, associate professor of management said that companies should think ahead when hiring.  "If you specifically know if you're trying to expand, you have to ask yourself as an organization what we're trying to get out of this hire," he said, adding that the new employee should be included in the corporate long-term strategy in order to better visualize the ideal candidate.  (4/1/10)

Current Issues May Hinder U.S.-Cuba Talks

In a Miami Herald story, Robert Pastor, professor of international relations, talked about the current political protests in Cuba and the effect on mending relations with the United States. The U.S. policy, Pastor said, “should be to condemn human rights violations in Cuba while closely engaging the country’s government to promote U.S. interests, adding that the task would be a difficult one.”(3/28/10)