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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 4/10/10

Top story

Returning to the Work Place a Challenge for Many

Amy Beckett, a Washington College of Law student in the Lawyer Re-Entry Program,was profiled in the Washington Post Magazine in her pursuit to return to the workplace after an extended absence. Beckett credited the WCL program for giving her the confidence to keep searching for work, which was the key to landing a position. "Whatever way she went, she was going to find success,” said Linda Mercurio, the program’s executive director and coach, who worked with Beckett until she found work with a law firm. (4/4/10)

Other Features

Student Government President Says Politically Active Campus Has an Influence

AU junior Andy McCracken was featured on’s Campus Overload blog about his role as president of Student Government. McCracken says political activism has an interesting effect on the student government. “It causes some of us to look at internal matters. I've found a lot of my time is spent trying to redirect that energy into issues that really affect students,” he said. (4/5/10)

OpEds and Editorials

Missing Rwandan Ambassador Resurfaces in the United States

In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, David Bosco, professor of international relations, discussed what happened to Jean Damascene Bizimana, the U.N. ambassador for Rwanda and member of the UN Security Council during the 1994 genocide. “In the years since the Rwandan genocide, political leaders, activists and scholars have struggled to understand how such a massive killing campaign could have happened -- and why the world largely stood by,” Bosco wrote. “After Bizimana left the United Nations, his own moves were not easy to trace… Many Rwandan expatriates have settled in Upstate New York, but to my surprise, Bizimana's name and number came up with an address in Opelika, Alabama.” (4/4/10)

Debunking Media Myths

Many people believe William Randolph Hearst started the Spanish-American War, Edward R. Murrow heroically ended Sen. McCarthy’s communist witch hunt, and Woodward and Bernstein brought down Nixon’s presidency. However, all are myths about the media, driven by the media, wrote journalism professor W. Joseph Campbell for the’s Political Bookworm blog. “Media myths often confer on the news media far more power and influence than they merit or possess,” wrote Campbell. “Media myths also tend to minimize the complexity of historical events in favor of simplistic and misleading interpretations.” (4/9/10)

American University goes Prime Time

The 100th episode of the FOX television series Bones began with a flashback scene that established that the two main characters (Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth) met when Bones guest lectured at American University. AU shares a special connection to the TV show as the show is based on the books by alumna Kathy Reichs and is produced by alumnus Barry Josephson. (4/8/10)

Expert Quotes

Conflict Increases in Kyrgyzstan

Akbar Ahmed, professor of international relations, was a guest on C-SPAN Radio for a segment about the state of Kyrgyzstan following the uprising after the ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. “We must keep the problems of Kyrgyzstan in the context of the other ‘stans,” Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and so forth,” Ahmed said. “These states really are in transition – they’re not quote modern democracies y and they’re not quite the old Soviet structures that existed before two decades ago.” (4/8/10)

Will Federal HR Reform Work?

Robert Tobias, practitioner in residence, discussed the federal government’s plan for human resources reform during a segment for Federal News Radio (WFED-AM). “In the past, the HR world often operated separately from those who are responsible for implementing programs. Now, there's a real chance for an integration long sought by the HR community,” Tobias said. (4/6/10)

President Obama’s 2012 Chances Hinge on Job Growth, Experts Say

Curtis Gans, director of the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, discussed President Obama’s current approval ratings and potential affect on the 2012 presidential elections with Associated Press. "When (Franklin) Roosevelt was in power, the Depression was still very much with us, but he gave people a sense of momentum," he said. "It is possible that if Obama summons his inner Roosevelt and does something on jobs, he can make this election at least a push and maybe even get some benefit." This story was re-published in more than 10 additional news outlets, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Denver Post. (4/3/10)

Alumni Spotlight

Running Club Lifts Spirits of the Homeless

AU alumna Anne Mahlum was featured in April’s Washingtonian for launching Back on My Feet, a running club for the homeless in Washington, D.C., after forming clubs in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Mahlum said the idea came to her after passing a homeless shelter on her daily run. “One day I turned and thought, ‘Here I am moving my life forward every day, and I'm leaving these guys in the same spot,’” she said. "I used to never want to run with anybody, and I found how much more enjoyable it is when you share that experience. Your emotions just sweat out of you.” (4/10)