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AU Voted Most Vegetarian-Friendly Campus in the Nation

By Maggie Barrett

American University has been voted the most vegetarian-friendly campus in the United States after a nationwide competition sponsored by PETA2, the arm of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for college students. The results were announced Tuesday, November 18.

“We are incredibly excited that AU students, faculty, and staff rallied behind the competition this year to bring increased awareness to vegetarian cuisine,” said Chris Moody, executive director of housing and dining programs at AU.  “Bon Appétit deserves praise for its commitment to making certain that all members of our community enjoy a variety of fresh, appetizing foods that fit their lifestyles.”

AU competed against 31 other universities across the nation.  Through an online bracket much like that associated with the NCAA basketball tournament, people voted for their favorite schools and tracked the schools’ progress. 

AU defeated every other university, including cross town and regional rivals Georgetown University and the University of Richmond.  In the final round, AU topped Wesleyan University.

According to the PETA2 Web site, AU lives up to its reputation for global diversity by serving items such as vegan Korean barbecue and spicy seitan with noodles in miso broth. 

Hundreds of colleges and universities were nominated to participate in the annual competition.  PETA2 contacted each nominated school to solicit more information and select the 32 final universities for the competition.

Mount Allison University won the Canadian tournament, which had half the participants of the U.S. tournament.