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Dean's Internships

Tony Azios

AP Dean's Internship Allows Azios to Leave Mark on Websites

Azios discovered the skills and experiences he’d acquired while pursuing an MFA in Film & Electronic Media at American University were invaluable in the position. Read more

Alsup's Internship at NPS, Too Good to Be True

Regan Alsup was part of a project to develop a climate change video series targeted towards National Park Service interpreters and rangers. Read more

Meet the New Faculty

A Fulbright fellow and the youngest-ever Director of Communications at OMB are among new faculty joining the School of Communication. Read more

In the News

Bob Lehrman

Why Conventions Still Matter

In Christian Science Monitor PC Professor Bob Lehrman discussed the history and impact that conventions have had in presidential campaigns, and why these highly scripted speeches are relevant. “At the upcoming conventions, some speeches will offer clichés and distortions. Some will bring insight to issues. Some will show us a politician articulate enough to become memorable even when speaking from a teleprompter. Some will offer us only a single memorable phrase. But, then again, we might hear something that will stay with us for a lifetime – even if it isn't in the script.”
Read more

Student Success

Recent SOC graduate, Ellen Tripler, spoke with the Washington Examiner about her silver Student Academy Award-winning documentary, Dying Green. “Hopefully, having won these awards is going to open up doors and I can get some grant money. I like making films that have a positive ilk to them." Tripler also won a College Television Award. Read more

SOC junior Noah Gray, founder of Virgin Voting Project, wrote an op-ed for Turner Broadcasting’s about youth voter apathy. ”It's hard to get young people to care about politics and voting. Trust me, I know—I’ve been trying to do it since I was too young to vote." Read more

Social Media 

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PC Professor Matt Nisbett tweets about how faculty fellows were awarded a NSF grant to study media and climate change perceptions

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Featured Video

FotoWeek: Peter Van Agtmael

Award-winning Magnum Photographer Peter Van Agtmael shares a few details about his own childhood experiences with the idea of war and how it influenced his development as a photographer. Watch video

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