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Media Relations

AU in the Media: 10/23/09

Top story

Teacher Training Programs

The School of Education, Teaching and Health (SETH) showcased its hands-on approach to teacher preparation in a segment for CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. SETH Dean Sarah Irvine Belson was the only academic to provide a response to a policy speech by Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan. Duncan stated that teacher accountability is a top priority and a renewed focus needs to be aimed at the colleges that train teachers. “We try to spend as much time as we can with these teachers in real classrooms, real experience,” said Belson. “We can't send them out into the classroom with no connection to what they're doing.” AU Senior Jenna Ward recognizes the difficulty in teaching, but is ready for the challenge “It's a challenge to be able to teach to the whole class, but also be able to teach to every student within that class. But I think I'm definitely ready to do it,” she said. (10/22/09)

Other Features

Fox News vs. the White House

President Obama may be adding fuel to the fire by saying Fox News Channel is not a legitimate news outlet, said journalism professor Jane Hall at an  in-studio appearance on  PBS’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer , which is broadcast on PBS stations nationwide. “I think Obama runs the risk of looking small, of looking as if they care that much. And all it’s going to do is drive up the ratings for talk show hosts, because they have a cadre of people who believe what they’re saying,” she said. She added, the Obama administration should understand the difference between Fox News Channel’s journalists, like Major Garrett, and their opinion talk show hosts, such as Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Until recently, Hall was a Fox News Channel contributor. Her NewsHour appearance was also cited in Jim Romanesko’s PoynterOnline blog.

Intricate Details in Art

The works of AU alum and former professor Ron Haynie were featured  in the Washington Examiner’s Arts Weekend Guide Top 5 Things to Do. The exhibit, “Playing With Light,” was on display at the American University Museum and closed on October 25. (10/22/09)

OpEds and Editorials

More Help Needed for Senior Citizens

President Obama’s initiative to give each senior citizen an extra $250 in social security is insufficient, Christopher Malagisi, adjunct professor of political science, wrote in an opinion piece for “If the government wants to enact a serious program to help our senior citizens, they should instead target their efforts on the one out of every ten senior citizens that live in poverty — or redirect $14 billion of the unused stimulus funds to finance the program for next year,” he wrote. (10/22/09)

Faculty and Quotes

The Virginia Governor’s Race Nears Finish Line

Having a big name support a campaign can help in the polls, Leonard Steinhorn, professor of communication, told WTTG-Fox 5 in a segment about the Virginia governor race and former President Bill Clinton’s support of Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds. “Even if it's only for one day, having Bill Clinton campaign for him could pay off in two weeks for Creigh Deeds,” he said. “He is very popular with southern, white Democrats who might come out and say, ‘I'm going to vote for this guy because Bill Clinton said he's a good person.” (10/20/09)

The D.C. Gay Marriage Bill Debate

Nancy Polikoff, a law professor, spoke about the importance of passing a gay marriage bill in the District of Columbia despite opposition in a story for Washington Blade magazine. "We could hash all this out now, but I suggest we take this process one step at a time," she said. "Let the marriage bill be considered on its own merits. Once it becomes law, let's think through other relationship issues." (10/20/09)

Internal Conflict with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

In a radio interview for NPR’s Morning Edition, Patrick Griffin academic director of the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute discussed the fallout over the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s alleged support of a congressional climate change bill, resulting in the dissent of several companies. “I think some of the corporate identities are inextricably linked to what's possible through the American enterprise as opposed to, let’s just kind of protect our own,” he said, adding that the current conflict represents a generational divide. (10/20/09)