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Napolitano to speak at AU; Experts Available

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will deliver a policy speech addressing the nation’s immigration laws Wednesday, October 5, from American University’s Bender Arena.  

American University professors will be available onsite to comment on the speech and topics related to immigration.

To arrange interviews with AU professors, please contact AU’s Communications Office at 202-885-5950 or

Please note: Credentialed media planning to attend must RSVP no later than 5 PM EDT on Tuesday, October 4, to Maralee Csellar at or 202.885.5950.  Please clarify the need for van and satellite truck parking with RSVP.  On the day of the event, media check-in and registration will be located in Bender Arena Lobby.  All media must check-in and be in place no later than 9:30 AM EDT.

Alan Kraut, an expert on immigration history, can discuss the Dream Act and how the Obama administration's immigration policies fit into American history. Kraut was a consultant for the Office of Homeland Security on the revision of the history and civics part of the Naturalization Examination and is a nonresident fellow of the Migration Policy Institute, a Washington think-tank on immigration and refugee policy.  He has authored or edited five books on immigration or refugee matters.  

William LeoGrande, dean of the School of Public Affairs, is an expert on Congress and foreign policy and U.S.–Latin American politics and relations.  He can provide general commentary on immigration and how it impacts Latin America, and has written widely in the field of Latin American politics and U.S. foreign policy.

Jordan Tama, an expert in foreign policy can discuss the presidency, presidential-congressional relations, and the politics of immigration.

Carolyn Brown is an expert on the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, modern militia groups, and the Latino experience in America. Her film On The Line follows the journey of the Minutemen patrolling the United States’ border with Mexico. Brown is available to do interviews in Spanish.

Jayesh Rathod, director of AU’s Immigrant Justice Clinic, is an expert in immigrants’ rights, labor and employment, and occupational safety and health.  Rathod is available to do interviews in Spanish.

Elizabeth Keyes, with AU’s Immigrant Justice Clinic, can address human trafficking, immigration and employment law, and general aspects of immigration reform.

Louis Goodman, professor and dean emeritus of the School of International Service, is an authority on social and political issues of Latin America and how U.S. policy is viewed in the region. Goodman is available to do interviews in Spanish.

Philip Brenner, an expert in foreign policy and former chair of AU's Council on Latin America, can discuss the intersection of immigration law on U.S. relations with Latin American countries.  

Allan Lichtman, a presidential historian, can comment on politics, civil rights and liberties, American political history and analysis, and public opinion as they relate to immigration reform.

Robert Pastor, an expert on the relationship between the United States, Mexico, and Canada, says a long-term solution to illegal immigration relies in part on narrowing the income gap between Mexico and its northern neighbors. Pastor says we also need a better ID system “to deal with undocumented migration, national security threats, electoral integrity, and to combat identify fraud.”  He is the author of the new book, The North American Idea (Oxford, 2011).

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