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Sexual Harassment: Prevalent Issue Beyond Cain

WHO:    Caren Goldberg, Ph.D., management professor at American University’s Kogod School of Business, is an expert on sexual harassment.  Goldberg focuses on factors associated with harassment, individual responses to harassment, the impact of sexual harassment awareness training, and the role of the work climate in preventing (or contributing to) harassment. She is on the editorial boards of Group and Organization Management and Human Resource Management. She has done consulting and executive education for Accenture, the Center for Excellence in Municipal Management, and the Council of Governments. She has also served as an expert witness in several employment discrimination and harassment cases.

WHAT:      Available for print, radio, and television 

WHEN:      November 9 – ongoing

WHERE:    In studio, via telephone, at American University
Washington, D.C. (November 9, 2011) – Sexual harassment allegations against GOP presidential hopeful, Herman Cain, stemming from his leadership as head of the National Restaurant Association in the mid to late 90s by at least four women is bringing the serious issue back to the attention of the media.  Sexual harassment is making headlines again but it’s an issue that has never really gone away according to Caren Goldberg, management professor at American University’s Kogod School of business and an expert on sexual harassment in the workplace.  Goldberg serves on several editorial boards of prestigious human resource focused journals, advised several companies and government entities, and served as an expert witness in several employment discrimination and harassment cases.
Goldberg is available to discuss the following aspects of sexual harassment among other issues:
•    How charges are made formally via the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission process versus within an organization;
•    How company practices can either prevent or contribute to harassment;
•    Why organizations and victims of sexual harassment may prefer to settle matters internally;
•    What distinguishes sexual harassment from other human resource issues;
•    How the economy may affect complaints being brought forward;
•    Whether there is a harasser profile;
•    How companies can educate their employees on dos and don’ts in the workplace;
•    Types of sexual harassment (same sex, opposite sex);
•    The effect sexual harassment allegations have within an organization; and,
•    When sexual harassment charges are levied at C suite leadership.

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