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FY 2013 Defense Budget is a Turning Point

WHO:   Dr. Gordon Adams, professor of U.S. Foreign Policy at American University’s School of International Service, is a former associate director for national security and international affairs at the Office of Management and Budget (1993-1997).   

Available to discuss, analyze, and react to the FY 2013 Defense Budget    Request                    

  January 24 – ongoing

WHERE: In-studio, via telephone, at American University.

Dr. Gordon Adams, professor of U.S. Foreign Policy at American University’s School of International Service, oversaw all U.S. foreign affairs and national security budgeting at the Office of Management and Budget under the Clinton Administration where he worked with Leon Panetta during the last ‘defense build down’ resulting from the end of the Cold War.  Adams is the co-author of Buying National Security: How America Plans and Pays for Its Global Role and Safety at Home (Routledge 2009).

Adams says, “The FY 2013 defense budget request represents a turning point in U.S. defense policy and spending.”  Adams believes many questions remain to be answered about defense budgeting since the United States has already pulled out of Iraq and is planning its exit from Afghanistan.  Furthermore, Adams says with the death of bin Laden and Al Qaeda on the ropes, the FY2013 defense budget should be “scrutinized” especially since “there are no existential threats to the United States and China is a long way off as a military powerhouse,” according to Adams.
Adams is available to discuss and answer the following questions in addition to others:

•    What are the priorities in the FY2013 defense budget request?
•    How deep will the defense budget be cut in the coming years? Will defense budgets be cut dramatically through a blunt sequester in January 2013?  
•    What impact will the FY2013 budget have on U.S. national security?
•    Will the expected cut in ground forces affect the ability of the U.S. military to address a range of military threats?
•    What are the implications of a shrinking defense budget for U.S. alliances?

Professor Gordon Adams will cut through these questions as the new budget begins to appear - first in the State of the Union and the press briefing by Secretary Panetta that will follow, and then with release of the budget itself on February 13, 2012.

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