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Does Obama’s Corp. Tax Proposal Reform Go Far Enough?

WHO:  David Kautter, managing director of American University’s Kogod Tax Center and executive in residence in the Kogod School of Business, possesses three decades of experience at Ernst & Young where he most recently served as its director of national tax– the chief operating executive for the firm's national tax practices.  His responsibilities included maintaining relationships with tax writing committees and staff on Capitol Hill, in the U.S. Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service National Office and the media. 

Don Williamson, executive director of American University’s Kogod Tax Center and director of the Kogod School of Business’s Masters in Taxation program, previously served as senior manager for international taxation at the National Tax Practice Office of KPMG in Washington, D.C., and as professor-in-residence at KPMG's Washington office.  Williamson also actively advises clients on tax strategy and is an excellent resource for discussing the U.S. Tax Code.

WHAT: Available for interviews to analyze President Obama’s tax reform proposal unveiled by Treasury Secretary Geithner.

In–studio, on campus, via telephone

February 22–ongoing
The Obama administration unveiled its tax overhaul proposal today with its centerpiece of lowering corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 28 percent while eliminating deductions and encouraging manufacturing sectors with even lower tax rates pegged at 25 percent. The effect of eliminating deductions on small businesses is less than certain as are measures meant to simplify small business tax filing.  American University’s Kogod Tax Center experts David Kautter and Don Williamson are available to analyze and discuss the Obama administration’s proposal – the first comprehensive reform proposal since the 1986 tax overhaul under Reagan. The Kogod Tax Center is dedicated to the interests of small business, entrepreneurs and the middle class.  Profs. Kautter and Williamson have more than six decades of shared C.P.A. tax experience.

Among other issues Kautter and Williamson can discuss:

•    Whether the Obama administration’s corporate tax reform goes far enough;
•    How pass-throughs may be affected and other pitfalls;
•    The potential effects the Obama proposals will have on the economy;
•    Whether small business will get any relief or be hurt collaterally via corporate tax reform; and,
•    What tax reforms should have been included but were left out.

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