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Will Romney Win Primary Trifecta: WI, MD, DC?

WHO:  American University experts in political communications, campaigns, issues, and voting behavior

WHAT: Available to analyze and comment on the Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. primaries

  April 2 - ongoing

American University, in-studio, or via phone

American University experts are available to discuss the Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. primaries and whether if Romney sweeps all three primaries if he can begin to focus on the general election as his delegate count swells.  Specifically, American University experts can discuss:

•    Why Wisconsin is seen as a decisive primary state?
•    Whether Romney can achieve momentum  if he wins Wisconsin and focus on the general election?
•    How the hard fought, expensive primary season has impacted Mitt Romney?
•    Are super PACs having their desired affect/influence?
•    Why are Santorum’s social issues gaining traction despite the still weak economy and rising gas prices?
•    What the Gingrich and Paul campaigns are trying to achieve at this point?

Since the primary season’s inception several American University experts listed below have already appeared in national and international media providing primary analysis

Campaigns & Elections

Allan Lichtman
is an expert on presidential and congressional campaigns, who can discuss: voting behavior, public opinion, party conventions, politics, and American political history.  Lichtman is well known for his “13 Keys” system, which enables him to predict the outcome of the popular vote solely on historical factors. He has correctly predicted the outcomes of all U.S. presidential elections since 1984.

Danny Hayes is an expert on political behavior and political communication who can discuss: public opinion; campaigns and elections; voting behavior, political participation, and the media’s role in politics.

Jennifer Lawless,
director, Women & Politics Institute, was a former candidate seeking a congressional seat and can offer a unique point of view in her analysis.  Lawless can discuss: women and politics, elections, campaigns,  public opinion, and barriers that impede women candidates from running for office.  Lawless recently released  Men Rule: The Continued Under-Representation of Women in U.S. Politics.

James Thurber, director, Center for Congressional & Presidential Studies, can discuss: American government and politics, campaigns and elections, public opinion, voting behavior, interest groups, campaign management, campaign reform, the presidency, Congress, lobbying reform, legislative process, presidential-congressional relations, congressional reform and ethics, federal budget process and the deficit.

Candice Nelson, director, campaign management institute can discuss: congressional and presidential elections, campaign finance, campaign finance reform, voting behavior.  Her latest book is Grant Park: The Democratization of Presidential Elections 1968-2008 (Brookings, 2011).

Richard Semiatin can discuss: political campaign strategy, elections, Congress, and the executive branch.

Voting Behavior/Youth Vote

Dotty Lynch, director of the School of Communication/School of Public Affairs joint MA program in Political Communication, can discuss: politics, survey research, polling, campaigns and elections, young voters, women in politics, journalism and politics.  Prof. Lynch was at the 2012 New Hampshire primary and served as a CBS consultant on Super Tuesday.

Jane Hall  is an expert on the media and politics who can discuss: young people and politics, young people and the news, depiction of women in the media, war media coverage, media ethics and criticism, television news.

Dante Chinni is an expert on American society and culture, who can discuss: voter behavior; political, socio-economic, and cultural fault lines; the electorate; media and politics.

Hispanic/African-American Vote

Jan Leighley is an expert on elections and political behavior, who can discuss: voter turnout, voter registration, voter mobilization, media/campaign effects, minority group politics/mobilization, political participation.

David Lublin is an expert on campaigns and elections, can discuss: African American and Latino politics, Southern politics, redistricting, electoral systems and minority representation in the United States.

Steven Taylor is on expert in government and politics who can discuss: urban politics and the politics of race and ethnicity.

White House/Presidency

Leonard Steinhorn is an expert on political communication who can discuss: politics, campaigns, public opinion, the media's role in politics and elections, and American culture and the modern presidency.

Richard Benedetto is an expert on politics and elections who can discuss: the White House and the presidency, American political parties, political polling, media performance and criticism.  Benedetto was the USA Today White House correspondent  during the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.  Prof. Benedetto reported from the 2012 New Hampshire primary.

Robert Lehrman is an expert on political communication, can discuss: speechwriting, public speaking, and strategic communication. Lehrman was a speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore. He’s author of The Political Speechwriter’s Companion (CQPress 2009).

Jeffrey Crouch is an expert on the Constitution and presidency, who can discuss: executive power, the mass media and American politics.

Anita McBride is an expert on women in the political process who can discuss: the role of candidates' spouses, first ladies as key campaign surrogates/advisors.

Karen O’Connor can discuss: American politics, public policy, women and politics, women and Congress, abortion and reproductive rights.

Election Law: Voting Rights, Campaign Finance

Binny Miller is an expert on election law who can discuss: voting rights and elections.

Jamie Raskin is an expert on election law who can discuss: voting rights, law of the American political process, campaign finance, state, local and national politics, Constitutional law, and the First Amendment.

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