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AU Experts: Tax & Budget Issues


With the debt ceiling debate behind them, Congress will now turn its attention to budget cuts and potential tax reforms. American University experts can discuss the budget process, tax policy and law, income tax credits, and how any changes may impact individuals and businesses.

To arrange an interview with one of the experts below or other AU Experts, contact University Communications at 202-885-5950 or

David Kautter

David Kautter

Managing Director, Kogod Tax Center

Can discuss: Tax policy; corporate tax reform; impact of tax structure on small businesses and the middle class

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Andrew Pike

Andrew Pike, director, law and business programs

Director, Law and Business Program

Can discuss: Tax law, reform, and policy; tax law in transitional economies; pension law

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George Guess

George Guess, codirector, Center for Public Finance Research

Scholar in Residence, School of Public Affairs

Can Discuss: Public budgeting and finance

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James Thurber

American University professor James Thurber discusses the November election for NBC Nightly News on Sunday, September 26.

Director, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

Can discuss: federal budget process and deficit; presidential-congressional relations; congressional reform

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Gordon Adams

Gordon Adams, Professor of International Relations

Professor of U.S. Foreign Policy

Can discuss: Defense budgets; foreign policy; Congress and national security; transatlantic national security relationships

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Don Williamson

Professor Donald Williamson

Director, M.S. in Taxation Program

Can discuss: Taxation: federal income, estate and gift, corporate and partnership; tax accounting and procedures; income tax credits; international tax issues

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Daniel Mullins

Daniel Mullins, codirector, Center for Public Finance Research

Associate Professor of Public Administration

Can Discuss: Fiscal reform and decentralization, intergovernmental fiscal systems, the effects of tax and expenditure limitations on state and local fiscal structure

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