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Rumeli Hisari fortifications on the Bosphorus near the Black Sea.

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Middle East Studies @ AU builds ties across the different schools at American University and connects faculty with graduate and undergraduate students. We are interdisciplinary, inclusive, and open to all who wish to contribute to the scholarly community on the Middle East at AU. Browse our Web site to see how American University from its location in Washington, DC, opens a unique vantage on the cultures, history, and politics of this complex region. Please see our full Mission Statement.


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Kuwait: too much politics, or not enough?  

Check out Dr. Kristin Diwan's thought-provoking article on Kuwait on the Foreign Policy blog's Middle East Channel. Click here to read the article.

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”Vlogs” Bring Middle Eastern Scholars' Work to Greater Audiences

SPA prof Diane Singerman pioneers multifaceted, multimedia program to bring diverse perspectives on the Middle East to the public forefront

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