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Middle States

Self-Study Subcommittee Members

* Indicates a Steering Committee member who is co-chairing the subcommittee.

Advancing & Supporting AU's Mission Subcommittee

At-large Steering Committee members will assist, as needed on subcommittees.

Leadership, Shared Governance, & Administration Subcommittee

  • David Taylor, Chief of Staff to the President, Office of the President *
  • Arthur Rothkopf, Member, Board of Trustees *
  • James Girard, Professor, Chemistry, CAS *
  • Anthony Ahrens, Associate Professor, Psychology, CAS
  • Barlow Burke, Professor and Former Faculty Senate Chair, WCL
  • Doug Kudravetz, Associate Vice President of Finance and Assistant Treasurer, Finance
  • Lauren Lane, Graduate Leadership Council President
  • Matteo Becchi, Staff Council Chair
  • Beth Muha, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, Finance
  • Ulysses J. Sofia, Professor and Associate Dean of Research, Physics and Computer Science, CAS
  • Emily Yu, President, Student Government (Undergraduate)

Faculty Subcommittee

  • Howard McCurdy, Professor, Public Administration, SPA *
  • Alberto Espinosa, Professor, Information Technology, KSB *
  • Stephen Silvia, Associate Professor, SIS *
  • Naomi Baron, Professor and Executive Director, Center for Teaching Research & Learning, CAS
  • Robin Beads, Associate Director OIRA, Provost
  • Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, Assistant Professor, Government, SPA
  • Robert Dinerstein, Professor, WCL
  • Phyllis Peres, Senior Vice Provost & Dean of Academic Affairs, Provost
  • Gwendolyn Reece, Associate Librarian, University Library
  • Colin Saldanha, Professor, Biology, CAS
  • Lacey Wootton, Instructor, Literature, CAS

Admitting, Supporting, & Retaining Undergraduates Subcommittee

  • Fanta Aw, Assistant Vice President of Campus Life & Assistant Director of International Student & Scholar Services, Campus Life *
  • Sharon Alston, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment *
  • Funches Cheria, Undergraduate Student, SPA
  • Jimmy Ellis, Manager, Student Retention & Success, Provost
  • Keith Gill, Director, Atletics & Recreation, President
  • Jill Heitzmann, Senior Advisor, Undergraduate Recruitment & Retention, SOC
  • Rob Hradsky, Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students, Campus Life
  • Leena Jayaswal, Associate Professor, SOC
  • Shirleyne McDonald, Associate Director of Financial Aid, Office of Financial Aid
  • Chris Moody, Executive Director, Housing & Dining, Campus Life
  • Nancy Snider, Musician in Residence & Director, Music Program, CAS
  • Meg Weekes, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, SPA

Undergraduate Education Subcommittee

  • Lyn Stallings, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor, Provost *
  • Lisa Leff, Associate Professor, History, CAS *
  • Melissa Becher, Associate Librarian and former Chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on Learning Assessment, University Library
  • Joe Campbell, Professor, SOC
  • Ariana Ganci, Undergraduate Student, SIS
  • Patrick Jackson, Professor & Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, SIS
  • Kiho Kim, Associate Professor, Environmental Science, CAS
  • Rose Ann Robertson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, CAS
  • Cathy Schaeff, Associate Professor of Biology and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, CAS
  • Larry Thomas, Director, Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program, Provost
  • Bob Thompson, Senior Associate Dean, KSB
  • Paula Warrick, Director, Office of Merit Awards, Provost

Graduate Education Subcommittee

  • Christine Farley, Professor, WCL *
  • David Pitts, Assistant Professor, Public Administration, SPA *
  • Terry Davidson, Professor, Psychology, CAS
  • David Kaib, Senior Research Analyst (& Alumni), Provost
  • Kathryn Montgomery, Professor, SOC
  • Shoon Murray, Associate Professor and Director of United States Foreign Policy Program, SIS
  • Robin Chin Roemer, Assistant Librarian, University Library
  • Maggie Stoeckel, Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology, CAS
  • Jon Tubman, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies & Research, Provost
  • Paul Winters, Associate Professor, Economics, CAS

Educational Initiatives: Addressing the Changing Nature of Higher Education Subcommittee

  • Leanne Dunsmore, Associate Dean of Gradaute Admissions & Program Development, SIS *
  • Jon Gould, Professor & Director, Washington Institute for Public and International Affairs Research, SPA *
  • Carola Weil, Dean of School of Professional and Extended Studies, SPExS (2013-2014) *
  • Ed Beimfohr, Associate Dean for Administration & Planning, SOC
  • Sarah Irvine Belson, Dean of School of Education, Teaching, & Health, CAS
  • Derrick Cogburn, Associate Professor, SIS
  • Sara Dumont, Director, AU Abroad
  • Eric Hershberg, Director, Center for Latin American & Latino Studies, SPA
  • Alex Hodges, Associate Librarian, University Library
  • Larry Kirkman, Professor and former Dean of the School of Communication, SOC
  • Jill Klein, Executive in Residence, Information Technology, KSB
  • Sherburne Laughlin, Director Arts Management Program, CAS
  • Sarah Menke-Fish, Assistant Professor, SOC
  • Tony Varona, Professor & Associate Dean for Faculty & Academic Affairs, WCL