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Photo Gallery Instructions

The photo gallery is an element that ties together a series of photos along with their captions, related links and associated profiles to create a slideshow.   Galleries created through the CMS can link to other related galleries, keeping the   and

Preparing your site

The photo gallery is a content template, similar to the news or success story templates.   While it’s not a requirement, it’s good practice to place all photo gallery pages in the gallery subsite under your main site.  This is similar to the placement of news pages under your news site. 

When you create a page using the photo gallery template and add related galleries, those galleries must display using a gallery detail page called photo-gallery.cfm.  If the gallery subsite or the photo-gallery.cfm page does not exist on your site, please create a ticket with Webops requesting these features for your site.

Preparing your images

The photo gallery is built to allow some flexibility in the original image sizes.   Larger sizes will be resized to the standard gallery display sizes of 543x362px for landscape and 184x276px for portrait.  Links to larger versions of the images will be provided when available.

Initial sizes for the photo gallery are as follows:

Portrait Sizes

Jumbo - 300x450

Superjumbo - 400x600


Landscape Sizes

Jumbo - 543x362

Superjumbo - 675x450

Massive - 900x600