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EagleBucks Account

EagleBucks are a stored value account that lives on your AU ID card. EagleBucks can be used both on and off campus at various retailers from everything from food, supplies, haircuts, and more. » more
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I check the balance on my EagleBucks Account?

You can check the balance on your EagleBucks account by logging in at and visiting the 'My Account' tab, by asking the cashier for your balance when you make a purchase, or by verifying your balance at a Value Add machine on campus.

Where can I use my EagleBucks?

You can use your EagleBucks at a variety of locations on and off campus. Please visit the EagleBucks Merchants tab of to view the most up to date list of EagleBucks merchants

Can I use EagleBucks for ordering food for delivery over the phone?

Yes! Any off-campus merchant that accepts EagleBucks can manually type your AU ID number into their card reader when you order your food. You can also add a tip with EagleBucks. The merchant’s delivery staff should verify your identity by asking to see your AU ID prior to completing the delivery. If a merchant does not verify your identity, please send an email to the EagleBucks team so that we can ensure the security of our students’ and staff members’ information. Prior to accepting a delivery you should check your receipt to confirm that the correct amount has been charged to your EagleBucks account.

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