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Housing Guide for First Year Students

The Housing & Dining Programs office developed the First-Year Housing Guide to help you prepare for life in the residence halls and on campus. This guide features information about housing in our residence halls, Living Learning Communities, searching for a roommate and meal plan options. We hope you find it helpful as you start to prepare to live with us! General information regarding first-year student housing can also be found by visiting our website » more
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Frequently Asked Questions
When will the First-Year Housing Guide be available online?

The first-year housing guide for the upcoming fall semester will be available online in February to newly admitted first-year students.

Can I pick my own roommate(s)?

First year students that participate in the room selection process will have the opportunity to self-select their roommate(s).�?�  Students will be able to complete a housing profile, search, and connect with other first-year students using the AU Housing Portal.�?�  Students participating in Living-Learning Communities will be able to search and connect with other students within their same community. If you don�¢??t wish to self-select your roommate, Housing & Dining Programs will use your housing application preferences to connect you with your roommate(s).

How will I be notified about the Room Selection process?

All communications from Housing & Dining Programs regarding the new student room selection process will be sent to your AU email address. It is important that as a student, you setup your AU email and get in the habit of checking it regularly to ensure you don�¢??t miss an update!

When do I need to apply for Fall Housing?

The housing application will be available in early April and the first step needs to be completed by May 4, 2015.

Will I be assigned to a double or a temporary triple room?

The housing assignment process is based upon the order in which we receive enrollment deposits, students with an earlier date of deposit will be assigned to a double room before students with a later deposit date.� �  Students can also select a triple room for the year by selecting this option on the housing application. There is a cost differential of approximately $1,231 per semester.

If I am assigned to a temporary triple room, when can I detriple into a double space?

Please note that being assigned to a temporary triple does not guarantee that a student will remain in a temporary triple room for the entire academic year. It is possible for a room to be de-tripled at any point throughout the year. Students in temporary triple rooms will be offered the chance to de-triple as space becomes available. The room can be de-tripled if one or more students in the room vacate the space for any reason. Room cost will be pro-rated at the time of de-tripling to reflect the amount of time spent in a temporary triple room and the amount of time spent in a double room in that particular semester. We make every effort to de-triple students as quickly as possible, and we do expect to offer every student in a temporary triple the opportunity to de-triple by the start of the spring term.

How do I request a disability-related housing accommodation?

Information and guidelines for requesting disability-related housing accommodations can be found on the ASAC website at The deadline to request a disability-related housing accommodation is May 1, 2015. Failure to meet the deadline may result in a lack of room availability to meet your needs.

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