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Courses Suggested for your Major

From May onward as you complete the Pre-Registration Planner, you will begin to design a schedule for the fall semester. The lists below will help you learn about recommended course schedules for all the majors and options you can pursue at American University. You can refer to this information if you are still deciding on a major, or thinking about a second major.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are these the only courses that I can take?

No, this is a suggested guideline, students can select additional or substitute classes based on interests. Students should consult with Academic Counselors when substituting classes.

What if I have AP or IB credit for one of the suggested courses?

If you have credit for any of these courses you do not need to take the class at AU, doing so would cause you to lose out on those credits. Some students may still wish to take the class as a part of an on campus program such as University College. You should speak with your Academic Counselor before making this decision.

I looked these classes up and they are listed as closed or waitlisted, what does this mean?

When a course is listed as “Closed” it means the class has reached its enrollment limit and no additional students can sign up.  Students have the option of “Waitlisting” for a class; this will put the student on a list to join the class should an opening become available. Being waitlisted is NOT the same as being registered and students should select another course to take in place of the class they have waitlisted.

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