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Cell Phone Recommendations

The university's excellent wireless infrastructure provides high-quality cell phone reception throughout the campus, making cell phones as reliable as traditional phones when using one of the university's participating carriers.
We encourage you to subscribe to a cellular phone service. Cell phones from any provider may be used; however, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile USA subscribers will benefit from enhanced indoor reception in the main campus and AU off-campus buildings, using the existing distributed antenna system. » more
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there discounts available for cell phones for AU students, faculty, and staff?

Yes, T-Mobile currently offers discounts through the MyAU portal.  Sprint and AT&T often attend Eagle Summit summer orientation sessions to offer new students discounted rate plans.

What is the benefit of using a phone from Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile?

One of the things that is special about our AU wireless network is that we have a distributed antenna system to boost, not only wi-fi signals for your computer, but also cellular signals.  If you are using one of the participating carriers:  Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile, your signal strength should be guaranteed to be strong, even in an underground classroom, parking garage, or elevator.

Will I have coverage on campus, if I am an existing Verizon customer?

Verizon has a cell-site installed on AU's tower, so coverage should be good outdoors and close to windows. Students have reported problems with signal coverage in the larger residence halls, but significant changes will soon be announced to benefit Verizon customers.

Do I need to sign up to receive AU Alerts?

All students are automatically enrolled to receive AU Alert messages.  Please note:  the university does not abuse this and send anything but emergency notices.  If parents are interested in receiving these texts, your student can log in and add your number also.

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