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Office of the Vice President of Campus Life
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Office of the Vice President of Campus Life
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Help us ... Name that initiative!

The University would appreciate your input on a name that will encompass our service learning initiatives. The winning submission will receive a $100 gift card to the AU campus store. Send submissions using the below form by Monday, March 3, at 4:00 p.m.

(e.g., student, OCL Staff)



Our goal is to create an "umbrella name" for all of our academic and community-based learning offerings in order to demonstrate how they are integrated throughout the AU experience. This name will be used on various communication materials as a way to clearly identify these strong values. It may be used on admission materials and through social media.

AU students, faculty and staff touch our world in positive ways through:

  • community-based learning
  • experiential education
  • volunteerism
  • internships
  • action research
  • civic engagement
  • study abroad

It's how we learn through experience, apply that to our academic learning, and become better citizens. We are among institutions with the highest level of service engagement, we provide meaningful service experiences through our Center for Community Engagement & Service, and "active citizenship" is one of our brand pillars.

AU has received a generous donation to intensify these activities through a Community Based Research Scholars Certificate and to introduce a larger conceptual framework to help let our audiences know what they can expect when they choose AU as their school or higher education partner.

Examples of similar initiative names:

  • DukeEngage
  • GW Upstart
  • NYU Comm*Unity
  • NYU Pathways


We are looking for a name that:

  • Conveys the importance of service learning and social responsibility inherent in AU's values and traditions
  • Integrates closely with AU's brand pillar of active citizenship
  • Broadly encompasses many kinds of service learning
  • Avoids confusion with direct competitor programs or institutions
  • Is distinctive
  • Is simple, descriptive and easy to remember
  • Is available (through Google and trademark searches that the University will conduct)