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Student Activites Fee Information

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Student Activities works to ensure that each of the recognized fee funded organizations at AU are able to access the funds allocated to them by their governing organizations and in accordance with University policies and procedures.

$1,093,168.80 - The amount of Student Activity Fee funds collected from both Undergraduate and Graduate Students

$207,108.44 - The amount of funds that student organizations raised on their own

2916 - The amount of transactions made last year by the student organizations.

What Can Your Funds Be Used For?

Your organization’s funds should be used to supplement the activities and programs of your organization. Funds are to be used for the benefit of the ENTIRE organization and may not be used for “personal or individual gain.”

Mandatory Student Activity Fees are authorized solely for the support of programs that benefit the campus community and may be used for the following programs and purposes:

  • Programs of cultural or educational enrichment or programs in the nature of social service
  • Recreational and social activities
  • Tutorial programs
  • Student publications and other student media
  • Insurance related to the conduct of approved programs
  • Transportation and other student services in support of approved programs