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    Fax: 202-885-3396
    Mary Graydon, Room 271

    Elmore, Michael
    Senior Director, University Center & Student Activities

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Student Activities Mission

Our Mission

Student Activities staff, serving as advisors, mentors and educators, provide the foundation for student engagement, leadership development and student-initiated programming in a challenging environment which promotes personal, social, and intellectual growth.

Our Philosophy

To achieve this mission, our department will work to:
- encourage student involvement/engagement
- provide learning through experience
- strengthen respect for all persons
- help students work collaboratively with others
- promote all aspects of community & campus life
- support programming, leadership development & club formation
- support students in their self-directed activities & events
- provide a balance between work & leisure
- effectively function together to achieve goals
- adhere to a professional code of ethics regardless of the circumstances
- be consistent in the treatment of others & with actions in all aspects of the job
- effectively exchange verbal & nonverbal information through listening to others & conveying pertinent information