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Student Organization Early Renewal 2014-15







Early Renewal(for currently recognized organizations)

Complete these five easy steps to make sure your organization can be re-recognized next year and will be able to participate in the Fall 2014 Involvement Fair. Early Renewal for existing organizations in the spring allows clubs to be eligible to apply for early AUCC funding for the fall.

Early Renewal Timeline: March 17, 2014 - April 11, 2014

Step 1- Update your organization’s SON account  

  • The Student Organization Network can be found here: SON
  • Check your constitution/governing documents to see if updates are needed based on your work in the past year. (ie: Your club decided to have co-leaders, does your constitution reflect that change?) Amend your document to show that it was updated in Spring 2014.
  • Update your membership roster to include any newly-elected executive board members and remove members that are no longer active. (Remember, e-board members must have a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing to be eligible to serve.)
  • Make sure you have a minimum of eight members on your roster. (FSL organizations need a minimum of four and SG/GLC minimums are determined by their governing documents.)
  • Check your email/website and Facebook addresses are accurate in SON (and that someone is responsible for responding to inquiries and comments made through social media.) Confirm the name of your faculty/staff advisor.

Step 2- Take Financial Leadership training

  • Make sure two members of your leadership team (the treasurer must be one of them) attends Financial Leadership Training that will be held at these times:
Monday, March 17- 6:00pm- Cancelled due to snow day
Thursday, March 20- 12:00pm- COMPLETED
Tuesday, March 25- 6:00pm- COMPLETED
Friday, March 28- 12:00pm- MGC 303A
Wednesday, April 2- 12:00pm- MGC 303A
Monday, April 7- 6:00pm- MGC331
  • You do not need to reserve a spot but come early to get a seat. You must stay throughout the entire presentation.

Step 3- Review event planning/scheduling documents and take the 25Live Tutorial

  • At least two executive board members must review the UCSA Event Planning and Event Scheduling documents in the Documents folder in your SON account. The treasurer must be one of the executive board members who reviews the Event Planning document. FSL organizations must also have the two executive board members review the Minimum Chapter Standards. Other FSL Forms will be required for full recognition, Curtis Burrill will have that information.
  • After reviewing the planning and scheduling documents, the two e-board members should complete the 25Live tutorial.

Step 4- Submit your Volunteer Advisor Agreement form

  • Organization leaders must ask their volunteer faculty/staff/alumnus advisor to complete a volunteer advisor agreement form (available outside MGC 271 or by clicking the link to the right under Related Forms). The completed form must be scanned and uploaded into SON.

Step 5- Complete the Google Doc

  • After steps 1-4 are completed, all organizations must complete the following Google form: Final Renewal Step


Feel free to send any questions regarding renewal to or ask your UCSA advisor.




Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are eligible to receive student activity fee funds provided they do not discriminate in their membership based on someone's true or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or any other basis under federal or local law.  To maintain official status, all AU student organizations must register at one of the two renewal periods during the spring semester or fall semester for the upcoming academic year with University Center and Student Activities. Failure to meet these requirements will cause the RSOs to be placed in provisional status and to lose all privileges given to AU RSOs.

  • AU recognized student organizations must not duplicate the mission of previously recognized organizations.
  • Students on leave of absence or required to withdraw may not take part in student activities, including student organizations.
  • Faculty members may not be voting members or officers of AU RSOs. They are, however, encouraged to serve as advisors, sponsors, or consultants.

Recognized student organizations maintain only one bank account for the organization through the Controller's Office (managed by Student Activities). Recognized student organizations may not have accounts with any other on campus office or department or an off campus bank or financial institution unless granted permission to do so by University Center and Student Activities.

Non-compliance with the registration process will jeopardize the continued status of the group at AU.  Failure to provide information requested will result in organizations falling into provisional status.  Failure to meet the deadline over the academic year will result in the forfeit of recognized status.  

After two fiscal years of non-registered status, all funds generated by the organization will be made forfeit, and will serve as re allocated funds.