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Knight to Sigma Chess Tournament (Updated 2/7/13)

School of International Service Classroom 333

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The Brothers of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity present their first KNIGHT TO SIGMA Chess Tournament! This tournament will take place starting February 23 through the month of March in SIS 333.

All rounds are played in SIS 333 at 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on the following dates:

Saturday February 23, 2013
Saturday March 2, 2013
Saturday March 23, 2013
Saturday March 30, 2013

Each Saturday will host two rounds, one at 6:00 PM and the next at 7:00 PM. Each round will run for 55 minutes. If there is no checkmate at the end of 55 minutes, the victor will be determined by summing each contestant's remaining pieces' relative value:

Pawn = 1 point
Knight = 3 points
Bishop = 3 points
Rook = 5 points
Queen = 8.5 points

The contestant with the higher sum will be declared victor.

This tournament will employ a SWISS-SYSTEM FORMAT for every round except the championship round, which will employ an ELIMINATION format. Each individual's advancement depends on his/her point accumulation:

3 points per match win
1.5 points per tie
0 points per match loss
3 points per bye

The two players with the highest accumulated scores will face off in the championship round, at which point the tournament victor will be determined by who wins the championship match.

Tournament entry is determined by a first-come basis. Entrants must submit payment of $14 before placement into the tournament is confirmed.

Sign up for the tournament at the following link:

The Beta Beta Theta Chapter thanks you for your participation!

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